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Barrel pull-out pump

Barrel pull-out pumps are centrifugal pumps enclosed by a casing which resembles a barrel. In the case of feed pumps for power station applications they are also called barrel-type pumps or barrel casing pumps.
See Fig. 1 Barrel pull-out pump

The barrel is fitted with a suction nozzle and a discharge nozzle  A discharge cover and inlet ring are bolted to the respective barrel faces. The drive shaft passes through the cover on the discharge side and the inlet ring on the suction side. Both passages are sealed by a shaft seal.

The pump can be dismantled without having to remove the barrel casing from the piping and pump foundation. In the case of super-pressure pumps the barrel casing is often welded to the pipeline.

Barrel pull-out pumps are multistage pumps designed for horizontal installation. They are used as super-pressure and high-pressure pumps, especially as boiler feed pumps.

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