KSB business figures


A solid investment

Long-term, mutually trusting relationships with our customers, KSB’s technological leadership and a sustainable growth strategy make our company a solid investment.

Our customers are active worldwide. They employ pumps and valves in various applications and continuously require new solutions that cater to their specific challenges while providing maximum reliability and efficiency. KSB has been helping customers master these challenges for more than150 years.

Close to our customers worldwide

Founded in 1871 in Frankenthal, Germany, our company has a global presence with its own manufacturing facilities, sales companies as well as service operations and a total of 16,000 staff . This puts us close to our customers anywhere in the world.

For us, being close to our customers is more than just physical proximity. It is the starting point for us to continually develop new technical innovations that meet the specific challenges of the respective market and our customers. We are very familiar with our markets, speak our customers’ language and know what they need. This is why we conduct research in the fields of hydraulics, materials and automation.

Customer trust pays off for investors

Our products not only target the current challenges that our customers face but also strengthen their competitiveness. Thanks to the special quality, efficiency and numerous innovations, we reduce the energy consumption and wear of our pumps and valves hence allowing our customers to implement particularly efficient and sustainable solutions.

KSB is the choice wherever pumps are needed that ensure uninterrupted operation in critical applications with maximum efficiency and reliability. This trust from our customers makes KSB a healthy, profitable company that is also attractive for our investors.

Good reasons to invest in KSB

Global market leader

We are a global market leader in pumps and valves

Our customers appreciate the quality and efficiency of our products and generally remain loyal to KSB over several economic cycles.

Reliable products

Our customers place their trust in us, mostly for decades

Pumps and valves frequently are a critical element to ensuring operation for our industrial customers. They trust in the reliability of our products when it comes to safeguarding their operations.

Growing markets

KSB is well-positioned in growing markets worldwide

Wherever our customers are, we are there, too. This physical proximity allows us to devise customised solutions for every regional and industry-specific requirement.

CLIMB 21 growth strategy

We leverage a clearly defined growth strategy

CLIMB 21 is our ambitious strategic project for ensuring profitable growth to leverage further potential. It is already producing results and generates sustainably higher returns.