KSB experts from the Hydraulics and Structural Mechanics department at work

Hydraulics and structural mechanics – tailored solutions for complex systems

KSB's Hydraulics and Structural Mechanics department ensures that our current pump portfolio satisfies customer requests as well as market requirements. 

The requirements placed on pumps change over time. KSB's Hydraulics department makes sure that KSB pumps are not only a perfect match for today's tasks but also geared toward the future. Especially when newly developing and optimising pumps, structure-mechanical assessments are essential.

Development forms the basis of progress

At KSB we develop pumps that satisfy our customers' requests and requirements not only today but also tomorrow. What drives innovation is product optimisation with new manufacturing techniques, for example, which reduces costs, or the extension of our product catalogue. Further examples are new fields of application or new fluids handled that need matching hydraulic solutions. 

When developing our pumps, classic computer-assisted CFD and FEM simulation programs as well as innovative tools using AI (artificial intelligence) are employed.

New products are designed not only from a hydraulic point of view but by managing many requirements all at once: Optimum material selection leads to reduced weight, which goes hand in hand with analysing the force and temperature load on components and the vibrations. This is why Hydraulics and Structural Mechanics work closely together.

KSB's structural mechanics experts draw on more than 50 years of experience in the most diverse of dynamic calculations and strength assessments.

We are all about continuous development: Our engineers are involved in various research projects and tests with external university and business partners. We are also actively committed to joint pre-competitive research for pumps, systems and drives. This guarantees that KSB is always at the forefront of technology.

Structural mechanics: Our know-how

Structural mechanics: Our know-how

Hydraulic services make sure your project is flowing nicely

As soon as you have defined your project and the requirements on the pumps involved, we will help you find the right pumps. We offer you tailored solutions for your pump requirements also beyond our standard portfolio. Jointly with the Design/Engineering departments we design pumps that precisely match our customers' projects.

Not only do we accompany the pump from its first CAD draft through to its acceptance inspection on the test facility; we also offer our expertise in the phases that follow. In this way we can solve any difficulties that may arise during the operation and make sure our pumps run smoothly over their long service life.

Pump acceptance inspection on KSB's test facility

Very close inspection during pump acceptance on KSB's test facility

Hydraulics and structural mechanics: We are experts, we are problem solvers

KSB's long tradition translates into commitment. We sustainably process our know-how and pass it on to the next generation of KSB specialists. To do so, we develop expert tools for efficient work flows. We also support the KSB TrainingCenter in multiplying hydraulic know-how within the company and in passing it on to our customers in external seminars.

KSB experts inspecting a pump

Decades of experience have built up our expertise. This is why KSB's specialists know exactly how to optimise pumps for every application.

With modern numerical computation methods we analyse the flow field both inside and outside the pump. 3D flow simulation with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is an indispensable tool in a product's generation process. 

The results of a flow analysis also provide the necessary boundaries for detailed questions regarding the technical design of pump components. They further serve as evidence for component strength in structure-mechanical and structure-dynamic assessments.

Should any problems occur with the pumps in the system, we can apply this know-how and our calculation tools to analyse the situation and work out solutions, making sure the system runs smoothly and to our customer's satisfaction. 

In close cooperation with our service and/or our measurement technology experts, our colleagues conduct the most diverse of measurements, including on-site measurements at the pump. They then use the knowledge gained by interpreting the measurements to solve the current situation.

Determining the natural frequencies of the pump set using a hammer excitation test

Determining the natural frequencies of the pump set using a hammer excitation test for comparison with the calculated results