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KSB financial calendar

Annual reports and annual general meetings of KSB

Stay informed about KSB’s economic development: All dates of publications with regard to interim reports, half-year financial reports and annual reports as well as meetings for investors, analysts and journalists.

Stay informed with the KSB financial calendar

Financial events at a glance

Interim reports, half-year financial reports, annual general meetings and annual reports – stay up to date.

  • 9 November 2021
    Interim Report January – September 2021
  • 31 January 2022
    Preliminary report on financial year 2021
  • 24 March 2022
    Publication of the 2021 annual financial statements
    Financial press conference, 10:00, Frankenthal (Germany)
  • 28 April 2022
    Interim Report January – March 2022
  • 5 May 2022
    Annual General Meeting
  • 4 August 2022
    Half-year Financial Report January – June 2022