KSB puts digitalisation into practice

Enter the digital age with KSB

How KSB is utilising the potential of the digital transformation together with its customers.

Digitalisation helps KSB to optimise internal processes, improve service and develop innovations that make its customers more competitive in the short and long term.

Digitally networked pumps and valves are more efficient

From communication to production processes and product development – digitalisation has taken root in every branch of industry and is well underway around the world. With production, sales and service locations in more than 100 countries across five continents, KSB is especially well placed to benefit from the digital transformation.

Over the long term, key data such as operating status, maintenance history, or 3D design plans of our pumps and valves will be accessible 24/7 from anywhere on mobile devices throughout their entire product life cycles to accelerate service and support our customers even faster. This helps us to strengthen our leading market position.

Digitalisation is therefore not only of considerable benefit to us, it also benefits our customers, by expediting innovations that help to optimise the operation and capacity utilisation of our products. Digitalisation therefore makes our products and services more efficient, more available and more competitive.

With our digital solutions, for example, our customers are able to monitor at all times whether their pumps and valves are operating as cost-efficiently as possible and with minimal material wear. With this information, our customers are able to intervene more quickly in the event of deviations from optimal operation, thus reducing costs and maximising the service life of our products.

Pump Monitoring (KSB-Guard)

Digital pump monitoring with KSB-Guard

Continuous development of digital products and services

We develop new digital products and services at our multi-award-winning Business Innovation Lab in Mannheim, Germany. Innovations developed here are often based on a combination of our comprehensive engineering expertise and the possibilities of the new digital technologies.

To ensure that we make the most of the potential offered by the digital transformation, both for ourselves and our customers, we continue to invest in areas such as our own cloud solutions, additive manufacturing and the digital infrastructure of our company.

Machine learning for innovative solutions

For the development of new digital products and services, we rely on machine learning, among other things. This involves IT systems recognising different patterns and their principles in existing data sets.

The knowledge gained can be generalised and used to develop new solutions or analyse previously unexplored data.

Multiphysics simulations are another product optimisation approach brought about by advances in digitalisation.

These simulations permit a holistic examination of products comprising multiple parts and components, and are able to reproduce their real behaviour almost exactly.

Flow path simulation in a KSB pump

We are using machine learning to optimise the flow paths in our pumps.

Digital solutions from KSB

Our customers are already reaping the benefits of our digital solutions and gaining a competitive advantage today. Discover our portfolio: