Pumps and valves for the petrochemical and chemical industries

Comprehensive solutions from KSB ensure reliability and safety in the oil, gas and chemical industries.

High temperatures, aggressive and flammable fluids – the extreme conditions in the petrochemical and chemical industries require sophisticated and often complex solutions. Thanks to innovative designs and comprehensive service, KSB maximises performance and reliability.

A professional partner for the oil, gas and chemical industries in times of global change

From fuel for cars to clothing and detergents, almost every item in our daily lives is manufactured using products from the petrochemical and chemical industries. Their production presents special challenges: refineries and chemical plants are complex systems that operate at high pressures and temperatures, often using aggressive and explosive fluids. As a result, our customers in the oil, gas and chemical industries often have demanding and diverse requirements.

The industry is also changing in line with the trend towards e-mobility – away from fuel production towards the manufacture of petroleum-based chemical products which are in high demand, particularly in the Asian market. According to estimates by the International Energy Agency, economic growth in Asia in particular will see demand increase by 30 percent by 2030 and by 60 percent by 2050. Thanks to our expertise in engineering and project management and our global presence, we are well positioned to support the industry in navigating these changes.

An employee at a MegaCPK standardised chemical

An employee at a MegaCPK standardised chemical

Economically efficient solutions even for complex projects

Our customers not only expect us to provide high-quality pumps and valves, they also rely on us for comprehensive solutions to their challenges. We see ourselves as a systems supplier who not only takes care of individual pump sets and pump set components but also ensures that all parts work together smoothly as a whole, taking into account customer interfaces and process integration.

Many of our products feature a modular design system which makes it easier to tackle complex projects. One example is our CHTR series which can handle a wide range of pressure levels, temperatures and volume flow rates, making it suitable for a broad spectrum of requirements. This enables us to provide economically efficient solutions for even the most individualised customer challenges.

A CHTRa pump at the PCK refinery in Schwedt

A CHTRa pump at the PCK refinery in Schwedt

Our innovative designs ensure reliability

People’s safety and protecting the environment take top priority in the petrochemical and chemical industries – guaranteeing absolute reliability and the complete prevention of leakages is therefore crucial. One of the ways we ensure this is through the high quality of our products. Chemical pumps from KSB are produced according to the principle of “Security by Design” using selected materials and innovative designs to prevent leakages, evaporation and vortices. It goes without saying that our products comply with all international standards, including the standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API), the European Union’s ATEX directives and ISO.

Data logger in the F6 test field basement

We ensure reliability through comprehensive service – worldwide

But reliability means more to us than just manufacturing reliable products – it needs to be taken into account during the initial design stage of a system. We therefore work together with our customers and support them with planning and developing comprehensive concepts for operation, maintenance and optimisation. For example, digital technologies such as our KSB Guard pump monitoring system ensure that highly stressed components are replaced in good time before any damage occurs.

We attach great importance to always being on hand for our customers with our KSB SupremeServ services. Thanks to our network of 190 service centres around the globe, we can provide on-site consultancy in all major regions of the world. It also enables us to quickly supply and install any required spare parts – a key factor for ensuring the reliable petrochemical and chemical production.

KSB helps petrochemical and chemical companies to optimise their supply chains worldwide

Companies in the oil, gas and chemical industries often operate globally with worldwide supply chains and are increasingly shifting their production from Europe and North America to Asia. Thanks to our global presence, we can provide optimum support for realigning their activities accordingly. We are particularly well placed to serve the growth market of Asia. In India, for example, we produce CHTR and WKTR pumps for the global market and the Asia region. We also operate production facilities in the key markets of Brazil and China.

In addition, we are constantly expanding both our global presence and our chemical and petrochemical expertise through acquisitions such as the renowned Texas-based company Standard Alloys. Our global presence ensures that we can quickly respond to regional and local requirements and swiftly supply our partners with the products and spare parts they need – with quality as standard, as is customary with KSB.

Richard Martinez (right), Managing Director of the KSB subsidiary Standard Alloys, in conversation with Rory Novich

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Products and services

Whether in water management, in industry, mining, chemical applications, building services or energy supply, our customers are active on the most diverse of markets with highly specific requirements. KSB’s products and services offer tailored solutions: efficient, reliable and durable.

There’s no life without water – which is why KSB offers solutions relating to all aspects of water and waste water.


From extraction and transport right through to treatment, KSB offers pumps, valves and services for water and waste water applications.

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General Industry

Almost no industrial process would be possible without pumps and valves. We accompany our industrial customers from the initial planning stage through to operation and the end of the life cycle of our products.

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Building Services

Whether in water supply or drainage, air conditioning or fire protection, KSB pumps and valves are employed in all types of buildings, such as offices, residential houses, hospitals or swimming pools.

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Minerals are raw materials that provide the basis for many everyday products. GIW® slurry pumps from KSB are used to move mixtures of water and minerals both across long distances and within a processing plant.

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No matter whether the energy comes from the sun, wind, fossil fuels, geothermal heat or nuclear power – KSB offers efficient, safe and reliable solutions for power generating companies around the globe.