Social responsibility at KSB

Responsibility in action: How KSB puts social responsibility into practice

At KSB, sustainability is not just a word; it is something we put into daily practice at all of our locations.

As a successful company with global operations, KSB is aware of its responsibility towards the environment and society. The company has therefore made striking a balance between profitable growth and social responsibility the foundation for its actions.

The UN Global Compact: Environmental and economic equity

The United Nations Global Compact is a worldwide pact for greater social, environmental and economic equity. It was initiated by the United Nations and today has around 16,000 member companies worldwide.

Having joined the UN Global Compact in 2010, KSB is committed to aligning its business activities with the Ten Principles of the pact. These focus on issues including human rights, employee rights, environmental responsibility and preventing corruption. The 17 sustainability goals of the UN Global Compact represent important guidelines for our corporate activities.

KSB is a member of the UN Global Compact.

UN Global Compact Partner since 2010

Environmental responsibility: KSB’s actions respect ecology

KSB is aware of the challenges posed by the threat of climate change and our planet’s finite resources. We are doing our part to minimise the consequences of climate change by reducing our ecological footprint wherever possible.

KSB therefore supports the objectives of the Kyoto Protocol and acts in an ecologically responsible manner in all areas of the company.

The KSB factory in Shirwal, India

The new KSB factory in India was planned from the outset with ecological considerations in mind.

KSB’s focus on its ecological footprint starts at the production stage: KSB has geared its processes and working environment towards using energy and raw materials as efficiently as possible to support sustainable manufacturing.

All KSB production locations are certified to the international environmental standard ISO 14001.

Our goal is to help our customers minimise their own environmental footprint with state-of-the-art and particularly energy-efficient products and technologies. All of KSB’s products and technologies are optimised for energy efficiency and thus make their contribution to environmental responsibility.

Corporate social responsibility: KSB supports young people

As a successful company, KSB strives to give something back to society by helping resolve social problems for the common good. The central theme of KSB’s social engagement is education for young people. 

KSB gives youngsters a head start in developing skills which will support them in taking up a profession commensurate with their talents and opportunities.

KSB trains young people.

Training at KSB: Supporting young people is one of our company’s most important concerns.

Find out how KSB puts its social responsibility into practice

KSB supports the UN Global Compact

KSB and the UN Global Compact

KSB joined the United Nations Global Compact more than a decade ago and considers it a foundation for responsible business. Particularly important for us: the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

KSB ethics and values

KSB ethics and values

KSB sets the highest standards for its entrepreneurial activities. To this end, we have established a global corporate culture centring on professionalism, honesty and responsibility. And our values also apply to our partners.

A well project in the Sahara supported by KSB

Our commitment to a better society

KSB is helping people and their development through more than 100 social projects and initiatives worldwide. Our focus issues are education, environmental protection and access to clean drinking water for everyone.