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Innovations for the future of industry

High-efficiency pumps and valves from KSB help ensure that our customers can realise sustainable and reliable production.

Our industrial customers are very well aware of the fact that KSB provides technologically advanced pumps and valves as well as customised solutions that fulfil even the most complex of requirements. We accompany them from initial planning through to operation and the end of the life cycle of our products, which are known for their high operating efficiency and sustainability.

Sustainable and efficient technologies for industry

Industry forms the backbone of the global economy. And as such, none of its sectors could exist without the use of pumps and valves. Reliable and highly energy-efficient solutions from KSB are extremely cost-effective and help industrial companies as well as OEM partners improve their carbon footprint.

It is not uncommon for us to have known our customers throughout many industrial sectors for decades, and we accompany them in all regions of the world. It therefore comes as no surprise that we are very familiar with the industries out there and the individual needs and requirements they have. The industry uses our pumps and valves in future fields such as life sciences, biofuels and hydrogen technology as well as in more conventional application scenarios, including cooling systems found in trains and wind power plants.

What all applications share is the fact that the close partnerships we foster with end users and our OEM partners around the world allow us to continually supply or jointly develop optimal products and solutions for the respective application.

At KSB, it is not enough to simply move with the times since we also want to shape the future together with our partners. For more than 150 years, we have been relying on the innovative spirit, know-how and commitment of our employees. Take, for example, the fact that KSB recognised the wealth of opportunities afforded by such technologies as additive manufacturing and digitalisation at an early stage. KSB’s pumps and valves are now networked, and complex components and spare parts can be manufactured precisely and according to individual requirements using 3D printing technology. 

KSB’s Etanorm is the world’s best-selling standardised water pump

KSB’s Etanorm is the world’s best-selling standardised water pump

KSB – the reliable partner for industry

Be it in production, manufacturing or another industrial application: wherever pumps and valves are used, maximum reliability is required. In this context, our products always form part of an overall system. This holistic approach allows us to achieve the greatest possible efficiency. To this end, we offer all-in solutions for what are generally system-relevant areas for our customers while safeguarding high availability, safety and quality standards.

Complete solutions from KSB encompass:

  • Outstanding products, premium support and maximum reliability
  • Cost savings via system integration, standardisation and modular design
  • Technical know-how and highest quality

Wherever pumps and valves are required, industry looks to KSB as a partner that can deliver.

KSB – a global partner for industry

No matter whether in Europe, Asia, Africa, North or South America – we are there for our customers. And not just with our sales network, but also with our own factories and service centres. One particular focus of our services for industry is on the growth regions in China, South East Asia and the Asia-Pacific region.

This minimises delivery times while ensuring that our industry partners always receive the optimal products and spare parts with KSB’s quality promise in their region.

We closely monitor market developments in the respective region, which allows us to quickly grasp dynamic developments so that we can supply the local industry with products in good time ─ even when changing requirements are involved.

More on KSB products, services and markets

Products and services

Whether in water management, in industry, mining, chemical applications, building services or energy supply, our customers are active on the most diverse of markets with highly specific requirements. KSB’s products and services offer tailored solutions: efficient, reliable and durable.

There’s no life without water – which is why KSB offers solutions relating to all aspects of water and waste water.


From extraction and transport right through to treatment, KSB offers pumps, valves and services for water and waste water applications.

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Building Services

Whether in water supply or drainage, air conditioning or fire protection, KSB pumps and valves are employed in all types of buildings, such as offices, residential houses, hospitals or swimming pools.

Petrochemicals / Chemicals

High temperatures and pressures, flammable fluids – chemical pumps and valves have to withstand extreme conditions. By providing innovative designs and comprehensive service, KSB ensures reliable production.

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No matter whether the energy comes from the sun, wind, fossil fuels, geothermal heat or nuclear power – KSB offers efficient, safe and reliable solutions for power generating companies around the globe.

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Minerals are raw materials that provide the basis for many everyday products. GIW® slurry pumps from KSB are used to move mixtures of water and minerals both across long distances and within a processing plant.