Quality assurance for KSB pumps and valves

Quality down to the smallest detail

Customer satisfaction, safety and reliability take top priority in KSB’s quality assurance.

KSB pumps and valves not only meet the usual international quality standards, but also the higher internal standards the company imposes on itself. See for yourself!

How KSB achieves the highest quality

Of course, KSB complies with all major international standards. More importantly, however, KSB is raising the bar even higher in terms of its own quality standards. Additional internal standards guarantee that our pumps and valves meet customer requirements. Long service life, excellent efficiency and low wear are the result of a continuous improvement process in production, but also throughout the supply chain. We verify this with our internal Made by KSB certification which ensures consistent quality across all of our production sites.

Inspection of a CHTD multistage high-pressure pump at the Frankenthal factory

Inspection of a CHTD multistage high-pressure pump at the Frankenthal factory

Our KSB SupremeServ concept ensures that all stages of the customer experience deliver optimum quality, whether consultation, commissioning, operation or necessary repairs.

How KSB puts quality into everyday practice

We measure the quality of our services against our self-defined guidelines.

Quality means your customers are satisfied

We focus all of our efforts on you, the customer. We obtain feedback from our sales and service staff and from ongoing global customer satisfaction analysis to find out whether you are satisfied with our advice, delivery time, installation, spare parts service and price-performance ratio.

Quality is what every employee delivers

Everyone at KSB plays a part in creating a positive customer experience – from offering a quotation to providing after-sales services. In order to achieve the highest quality in this area, all KSB employees undergo continuous professional development. This is ensured by training programmes and comprehensive access to the latest technology and research.

Quality is how processes interlock

Employees need a good working environment to deliver optimal performance as swiftly as possible. We therefore continuously check and improve work processes and the working environment to make them even more efficient.

Quality is what our supply chain contributes

KSB sets joint quality targets with its partners – via fair and open communication. This helps us raise quality in the entire supply chain to the highest level.

Quality is how mistakes are dealt with

If we detect quality deviations, we determine the causes in order to eliminate them permanently.

How KSB ensures consistent quality worldwide

KSB employs more than 15,000 people on all continents. Our production facilities are spread over every continent. We ensure that every one of them delivers the same high quality. To put this into practice, our integrated management staff implement a detailed and thorough evaluation process for our global production locations.

As a KSB customer, you can therefore be sure: No matter where and no matter when you order – you will always experience consistent high quality. Made by KSB.

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