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Creating a better future together

We develop solutions that enrich the daily lives of people around the world.

Our motto “Solutions. For Life.” encapsulates the essence of our mission. But what exactly does this mean for our customers and business partners?


Why KSB? Because we ...

... are customer-centric.

We are there for you worldwide – in the truest sense of the word. As a globally active company, KSB is present in over 150 locations around the world. But for us, being close to our customers means much more than operating a global, close-knit sales and service network. Above all, it means being able to listen to our customers, respond empathetically to their challenges and react flexibly to their needs. For you, this means that you get more than just pumps and valves from us – you also benefit from bespoke solutions that address your individual challenges.

... are customer-centric.
... build trust.

... build trust.

We always act reliably, bindingly, with integrity and punctually. Trust is the decisive factor in our relationships with our customers. KSB pumps and valves are used in applications that are crucial for people around the world to live, work and develop – for example in drinking water production or energy supply. Our high quality standards are a promise that we have been keeping for over 150 years. That is why we are a partner on whose integrity and expertise you can rely.

... act with foresight.

We always look ahead to the future, but we never lose sight of the impact on the environment and society. That is why we use sustainable technologies to conserve resources and create a future with a good quality of life. We are committed to fair working conditions, equal rights and equal treatment worldwide. In this way, our products and services create holistic added value for you, helping you to achieve your own sustainability goals.

... act with foresight.
... drive innovation.

... drive innovation.

Through our curiosity, courage and creativity, we are constantly creating new innovations through our own research and development work. But for KSB, technical progress is not an end in itself – it must address your challenges. By engaging in constant dialogue with you, our customers and partners, we understand the specific requirements of different industries and develop tailored services and innovations. This ensures you continuously receive products and solutions that help you to work more efficiently and give you the decisive edge over the competition.

We offer solutions for a wide range of industries.

As a global champion, we feel the pulse of the world. We offer solutions for customers in over 150 countries and a wide range of industries.


There’s no life without water – which is why KSB offers solutions relating to all aspects of water and waste water.


From extraction and transport right through to treatment, KSB offers pumps, valves and services for water and waste water applications.

View of the city of Bremerhaven at night

General Industry

Almost no industrial process would be possible without pumps and valves. We accompany our industrial customers from the initial planning stage through to operation and the end of the life cycle of our products.

Die Frankfurter Skyline bei Nacht

Building Services

Whether in water supply or drainage, air conditioning or fire protection, KSB pumps and valves are employed in all types of buildings, such as offices, residential houses, hospitals or swimming pools.

Petrochemicals / Chemicals

High temperatures and pressures, flammable fluids – chemical pumps and valves have to withstand extreme conditions. By providing innovative designs and comprehensive service, KSB ensures reliable production.

The Lotus Temple in New Delhi, India, is illuminated at night.


No matter whether the energy comes from the sun, wind, fossil fuels, geothermal heat or nuclear power – KSB offers efficient, safe and reliable solutions for power generating companies around the globe.

Open pit copper mine


Minerals are raw materials that provide the basis for many everyday products. GIW® slurry pumps from KSB are used to move mixtures of water and minerals both across long distances and within a processing plant.