Corporate Governance

Learn more about how we promote the sustainable development of KSB through responsible corporate governance.

Transparent and responsible corporate governance that complies with the Corporate Governance Code is a matter of course for KSB. Our commitment to engaging in honest conduct extends far beyond legal standards, however.

Trust, honesty and transparency

Transparent corporate governance promotes the sustainable development of our company by strengthening the trust placed by customers, investors, financial markets, employees and the public.

To this end, it goes without saying that we produce regular, comprehensive and clear reports on our economic development and key events at KSB. In doing so, we follow the recommendations of the Corporate Governance Code.

Corporate governance at KSB goes beyond legal requirements. We have defined our own code of conduct for voluntary commitment which provides our managers and employees with guidelines for engaging in professional and honest conduct when dealing with each other as well as in business matters. Learn more how KSB’s values are practised every day at our company.

Organisation and Management of KSB

Organisation and management

Meet the members of our Management and Supervisory Board and learn how KSB’s organisation and bodies lay the foundation for efficient corporate governance that contributes to sustainable corporate development.

Statements and reports

Sustainable and responsible corporate governance is very important to us. This includes being transparent regarding our related commitments to all of our company stakeholders and customers.

We take responsibility