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Robust pumps for mining

Safe and efficient operation in the mining industry requires highly reliable and durable equipment.

Minerals are raw materials that provide the basis for many everyday products. GIW® slurry pumps from KSB are used to move mixtures of water and minerals both across long distances and within a processing plant.

What the mining industry expects of us

Few industries are as tough on pumps as mining. Challenges are manifold and complex: Aggressive slurries and ever-changing conditions and materials cause mining pumps to wear out quickly. Unexpected outages can halt the entire production process, resulting in incredibly high costs.

Therefore, mine operators need a partner who can supply them with specialised heavy-duty slurry pumps that will reduce downtime, lower the total cost of ownership, and increase efficiency.

KSB has been supplying GIW® pumps for hard rock mining and mineral mining for decades. Our extensive R&D makes us experts in hydraulic design, mechanical design, wear technology and materials technology – so we can provide you with the best and most reliable products.

Understanding the needs of the mining market



Together with our customers we find solutions that have set international standards.

We collaborate with mining companies around the world to anticipate changes in the industry and provide solutions that could be critical to our customers’ success today and in the future.

Despite being a traditional industry, mining also has to face ever-changing environmental challenges. Sustainable mine management and lower energy consumption are just two of the many issues to which the industry must respond.

KSB’s mining pumps are designed to be energy-efficient and robust. The wear-resistant GIW® slurry pump design combined with our wide-ranging application know-how ensure that your systems work more efficiently.

KSB’s innovative solutions help you maximise productivity while minimising costs. KSB line of GIW® slurry pumps can help you extend runtimes, minimise unplanned outages and a lower your total cost of ownership.

If downtimes cannot be avoided, KSB ensures local spare parts supply and service to keep periods of unplanned downtime as short as possible.

KSB slurry pumps for mining

A long service life and fast repair

From hard-wearing materials to comprehensive service, we at KSB stop at no cost to ensure the longevity of our mining pumps. We understand the need for pumps that are designed to work reliably and last until the next planned outage. 

As mines are often in remote locations, the local presence of KSB SupremeServ in the region is particularly important.This is why we will always be close at hand when our mining customers need us. 

But even the best service is worth nothing without high-quality spare parts. We are therefore continuously working to expand our local production capacities to ensure sufficient local spare parts availability.

This is how we ensure that our customers will receive from us what they expect: robust, efficient and durable pumps combined with professional service, around the globe, 24/7.

More on KSB products, services and markets

Products and services

Whether in water management, in industry, mining, chemical applications, building services or energy supply, our customers are active on the most diverse of markets with highly specific requirements. KSB’s products and services offer tailored solutions: efficient, reliable and durable.

There’s no life without water – which is why KSB offers solutions relating to all aspects of water and waste water.


From extraction and transport right through to treatment, KSB offers pumps, valves and services for water and waste water applications.

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General Industry

Almost no industrial process would be possible without pumps and valves. We accompany our industrial customers from the initial planning stage through to operation and the end of the life cycle of our products.

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Building Services

Whether in water supply or drainage, air conditioning or fire protection, KSB pumps and valves are employed in all types of buildings, such as offices, residential houses, hospitals or swimming pools.

Petrochemicals / Chemicals

High temperatures and pressures, flammable fluids – chemical pumps and valves have to withstand extreme conditions. By providing innovative designs and comprehensive service, KSB ensures reliable production.

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No matter whether the energy comes from the sun, wind, fossil fuels, geothermal heat or nuclear power – KSB offers efficient, safe and reliable solutions for power generating companies around the globe.