KSB at IFAT 2010 in Munich

At this year’s IFAT in Munich (Hall A6, Stand 321/418), KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal, Germany, will present its extensive product range of pumps, valves and systems for efficient water and waste water transport.

Submersible mixers with longer service lives

One highlight in the field of waste water transport will be KSB’s AmaRoc®. It was developed as a secure and durable foundation for its Amaprop submersible mixers with their large, up to 2.5 m in diameter, propellers. The specially designed propeller is capable of absorbing all forces generated by the mixer and of safely transferring these to the foundation of the sedimentation tank. Thanks to this design principle, the guide rail remains unaffected by the mixer forces. The guide rail only serves to keep the mixer in the correct position. As a result of this, pipes can be laid up to 12 metres long.

The AmaRoc® or “mixer stand” as it is also referred to, is manufactured from NoriRoc®, the polymeric composite material developed by KSB. It dampens vibrations and is highly resistant to abrasion.

New pump-monitoring unit

A further technical highlight among the products presented by KSB at IFAT in the field of water transport is a new, competitively priced pump monitoring unit. The product named PumpMeter comprises pressure sensors as well as an analysing and display unit attached to the pump. It measures suction pressure, discharge pressure, differential pressure and head. The measured and calculated values are shown in alternation on the user-friendly display. A typical pump curve graph illustrates in which range the pump is currently operating. So the pump user will see at a single glance if the pump is operating in an efficient and cost-saving manner or if its availability is jeopardised.

In addition, PumpMeter continuously analyses the pump operating data, establishes a load profile and makes the operator aware of energy saving potential that could be leveraged by using a variable speed system. PumpMeter comes factory-mounted to the pump, thus making commissioning straightforward. The new monitoring unit also simplifies commissioning of both the pump and the retrofitted variable speed system, because the pump’s operating parameters are continuously displayed.

PumpMeter replaces the pressure gauges upstream and downstream of the pump, the pressure transmitter for the control functions, as well as any additional monitoring equipment. Via standardised interfaces the data collected can also be made available to a central process control system.

Well pump measurements help cut costs

A further point of focus at KSB's IFAT stand is energy efficiency. On this subject, the pump manufacturer will show operators how to find out if their submersible borehole pumps are running economically and demonstrate the potential for savings by means of well measurement.

To date, KSB’s specialists have carried out more than 4,000 well measurements. One third of all submersible borehole pumps operate at an overall efficiency of less than 40 percent and thus uneconomically and with a much higher energy consumption than necessary. High operating costs are the logical consequence for owners/operators. The investment in a new submersible borehole pump with a better efficiency pays for itself in just under a year. Since submersible borehole pumps often run several thousand hours per year, even an overall efficiency improvement of only a few percentage points will lead to considerable savings.

Improving the economic efficiency of biogas installations

In the field of biogas production, in particular, it is very important to reduce the energy consumed by the components themselves to a minimum. At this year’s IFAT, KSB will draw attention to its activities in this field for the second time. However, this year the exhibits will be on display at KSB’s main stand in Hall 6 rather than at a separate biogas stand where the products were shown two years ago.

The improvement of the low-speed submersible mixers with large special propellers has allowed the pump manufacturer to significantly increase the products' cost-effectiveness as a result of their higher energy efficiency and longer service life. The company has also developed software, with the help of which the best position of the mixer within the digester from the points of view of power consumption and process flow can be calculated and the results visualised for the benefit of the operator.

If Amaprop is correctly positioned in the tank, the fresh substrate is quickly distributed across the tank, which effectively prevents the so-called teacup effect with deposits accumulating in the centre of the tank. A further advantage of Amaprop retracted into the digester is that the mixer produces an energy-efficient circular flow which stops the dirt deposits forming a layer that either floats on the water or sinks to the bottom of the tank. Due to the larger net reaction volume that results from this arrangement, the amount of methane produced by far exceeds that produced by using a mixing process involving discontinuously running higher-speed mixers mounted at the edge of the tank.

ifat-2010-picture One of the highlights in the field of waste water transport at KSB´s stand at this year´s IFAT will be the new AmaRoc® mixer stand. © KSB Aktiengesellschaft

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