Plant in Italy, circa 1975

Pumps from the chocolate factory

In 1925, KSB established its first company abroad in Milan, Italy. Today, the Italian plant is an important part of the Group-wide manufacturing network.

The engineer Guido Venegoni had taken on the role of representing KSB in Italy back in 1920. Five years later, he founded a sales company together with KSB under the name of Società Italiana Pompe Klein in Milan – KSB’s first subsidiary abroad. A small workshop had already been established. In 1927, KSB acquired the majority interest and expanded the workshop, which by then employed some 50 workers. Many large businesses were based in the Lombardy, the country’s economic centre which included the metropolis of Milan – being close to these customers was therefore important. 

KSB established its own production facility in an old chocolate factory in the Precotto city district of Milan in 1925. From 1930, the company operated under the name of Anonima Lombarda Costruzione Pompe (ALCP). After the Second World War, it was placed under sequestration, but this was later lifted. The old links with the southern European country were thus quickly restored. At the beginning of the 1950s, there were almost as many people working there as during the war.

In the mid-1980s, ALCP was renamed KSB Italia S.p.A. and the plant was integrated into the European manufacturing network of the KSB Group. Today, 265 employees work for KSB Italia S.p.A.