The musicians of the KSB factory brass ensemble on a rock formation just off the Nuremberg-Bayreuth motorway in 1979.

Eclectic melodies: the KSB factory brass ensemble

The KSB factory brass ensemble in Pegnitz has existed since 1949, offering audiences an eclectic variety of melodies.

Established in the barracks of former Amag-Hilpert-Pegnitzhütte AG in 1949, a group of musicians developed into a cohesive ensemble led by Hans Fuchs and Wenzel Zahradka. Under the direction of Georg “Uschi” Sertl, the ensemble renamed itself as the KSB-Werkskapelle Pegnitz in 1955 and contributed to the town’s cultural scene. 

After Richard Weiß took over the ensemble’s leadership in 1976, the musicians enjoyed great success in a number of competitions. In 1987, they were awarded the Culture Prize of the District of Bayreuth.

Under the direction of the “young wild” Klaus Hammer, the factory brass ensemble gained even wider recognition thanks to its annual concerts and elaborately arranged church concerts. Hammer also began training young musicians in the ensemble. Since 2016, Andreas Hein has led the ensemble as its conductor, attaching great importance to technique, rhythm and intonation.
In 2019, the KSB Concert Band celebrated its 70th birthday with an anniversary concert. Philipp Wild has now been leading the traditional symphonic wind ensemble since October 2022. Being a trained professional musician as well as an excellent conductor, he is a great asset for the group. 

At weekly rehearsals on Tuesdays and various performances, we ensure that the joy of playing and making music together is always our priority!