AmaDS³ waste water pump station with solids separation system

The AmaDS3  waste water pump station with integrated solids separation system combines reliable service with excellent efficiency. Clogging is practically prevented by upstream separators which protect the pumps from coarse solids.

AmaDS³ waste water pump station with solids separation system AmaDS³ waste water pump station with solids separation system

The AmaDS³  waste water pump station is well suited for use in:

  • Municipal and industrial waste water transport
  • Drainage of hotels, hospitals, campgrounds, etc.

This is how the AmaDS³ waste water pump station works:

Inflow phase

Thanks to the patented solids separation system, the solids are separated from the waste water and temporarily stored in the solids separators. Only pre-treated waste water not containing coarse solids flows through the pumps.

Pumping process

The pre-treated waste water is pumped through the solids separators in the opposite direction and carries the solids out of the separators and into the discharge line. Through this process the solids separators and pumps are cleaned and ready for the next inflow phase.

Benefits of the AmaDS³ waste water pump station

Economic efficiency

Pumps with smaller free passages than usually required have higher efficiencies and help save energy compared with conventional waste water pump stations.

Wear resistance

The pumps are protected from coarse solids by the solids separation system, resulting in reduced wear and increased plant availability.

Reliable and safe operation

The dry-installed system is closed and gas-tight, thus offering hygienic working conditions and a high level of reliability and safety.

Additional applications

As pumps with smaller free passages are employed, high heads can be achieved with a single pump station. This means the AmaDS³ waste water station is well suited for use in pumped drainage systems covering long distances. Many hydraulic systems and impellers, which would not normally be suitable for handling raw sewage, can be installed in AmaDS³ stations for the transport of raw sewage.

Ease of maintenance

Redundancy of all important components ensures that the system can be serviced and maintained while it is in operation. Located externally, the solids separators are easy to access and thus simplify maintenance work considerably.

Additional Information

2-Page Leaflet AmaDS³

AmaDS³ Waste Water Pump Station with Solids Separation System

2-Page Leaflet AmaDS³