The new MagnoProtect

High-tech containment shroud for mag-drive pumps

ACHEMA 2024, Stand H14, Hall 8

One of the technical highlights at ACHEMA 2024 will be the KSB Group's new 3D-printed containment shroud for mag-drive pumps of the Magnochem type series.

Named MagnoProtect, the component offers the same safety as a double-walled containment shroud – without the latter’s disadvantages of heating up strongly and having high eddy current losses.

While providing comparable safety, the overall efficiencies of the new mag-drive designs clearly exceed those of canned motor pumps. Designed with a structure of channels, the new containment shroud offers a second, redundant, static safety barrier preventing leakage of the fluid handled.

A pressure transmitter monitors the vacuum generated, which is present during normal operation in the channels of the containment shroud. If the monitored pressure rises to atmospheric pressure, the outer containment shell is leaking. If the pressure rises above the ambient pressure, the inner containment shell is damaged. The containment shroud design is characterised by high mechanical strength and good wear properties. It has been optimised to minimise heat losses and eddy currents.

Converting a standardised chemical pump with mechanical seal to a magnetic drive is easier and more cost-efficient than retrofitting it with a canned motor. The geometry and dimensions of the new containment shroud are integrated in the modular system of Magnochem, allowing metallic or ceramic containment shrouds to be replaced easily. This enables operators to upgrade older pump sets that are still in service without difficulty.


Press release: High-tech containment shroud for mag-drive pumps

Press photo: High-tech containment shroud for mag-drive pumps