Rental pumps from KSB: the easy and inexpensive way to rent pumps and accessories

It often makes more sense to rent a pump instead of buying it. Especially when you only need the pump for a few days. The rental pump service from KSB is the cost-effective alternative to buying a pump.

Rental pumps from KSB Pump rental by KSB: our warehouse in Leuna

More than 120 pumps as well as mixers for sewage treatment applications can be provided by KSB at short notice. In addition to pump sets, KSB also supplies the necessary accessories. This may also include electrical accessories, Storz couplings or (flanged) elbows if required. The rental pumps are checked and serviced before they leave KSB, ensuring that they are always 100% prepared for the job.

Rent KSB pumps and save costs

Particularly for construction companies, municipal utilities and industrial companies renting a pump is a cost-effective alternative to buying and it considerably reduces the financial outlay.

Customers can rent KSB pumps with the following options:

  • Stationary, with claw
  • Transportable (basic variant)
  • Transportable and connection elbow with flange
  • Transportable and connection elbow with flange/hose connection

Guaranteed prices and predictable costs offered by the KSB rental pump service

It goes without saying that you can keep the rental pump for longer than originally agreed. KSB staff take great care to ensure that the costs for renting the pumps do not exceed the purchase price. Ownership of the rented pump set is automatically transferred to the customer as soon as the rental costs reach the purchase price. If you rent pumps and use them for a longer period of time, special conditions can of course be negotiated.

Here's an example calculation:

You're interested in an Amarex rental pump with a flow rate between 1 and 130 m3/h and a head of 1 to 45 m.

  • Price per day: between 11 and 19 euros
  • Costs for general accessories (CEE plug, float switch and chain (5 m)): included in the rental price of the pump sets
  • Minimum pump rental period: 7 days

It will therefore cost a maximum of 133 euros to rent an Amarex pump for one week (without special accessories).

Benefits of KSB’s rental pump service at a glance:

  • One contact within KSB
  • Available at short notice
  • Optimally selected to match your actual requirements
  • Predictable costs
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