Floodable mini-Compacta sewage lifting unit: compact and ready-to-connect

The compact mini-Compacta sewage lifting units from KSB are ideally suited for draining waste water from toilets installed below the flood level.

The smallest fully-fledged sewage lifting unit: mini-Compacta US1.40 The smallest fully-fledged sewage lifting unit: mini-Compacta US1.40

The compact sewage lifting units are used in, for example:

  • Bars
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Department stores
  • Cinemas
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Theatres
  • Basement party rooms and saunas
  • Basement flats
  • Building extensions and weekend houses
  • Single-family and two-family houses

New: Ready for big tasks - the super-compact mini-Compacta US1.40

KSB's compact sewage lifting units are ideal for collecting and transporting waste water with or without faeces. The new size mini-Compacta US1.40 perfectly complements the proven range of lifting units. With a reduced minimum effective volume of only 10 litres the super-compact lifting unit offers full functionality in the smallest of spaces – ideal for use in single-family houses.

The proven range of lifting units from KSB:

  1. mini-Compacta US1.40
  2. mini-Compacta type series

KSB's mini-Compacta US1.40 sewage lifting unit is the smallest lifting unit to EN12050-1:2015, requiring no more space than 650 x 320 x 405 millimetres. It can be installed in a machinery room or directly in the bathroom, concealed in a suitable pre-wall system.
Super-compact mini-Compacta US1.40 sewage lifting unit Super-compact mini-Compacta US1.40 sewage lifting unit

Benefits of mini-Compacta US1.40:

Space-saving design
KSB's mini-Compacta US1.40 is the smallest fully functional lifting unit to EN 12050-1:2015 by KSB.

Flexible use
The versatile sewage lifting unit offers the full range of functions. It suits both new and refurbished buildings with its integrated cutter and DN32 discharge line. The sewage lifting unit is ideal for private homes as its inlet-side connections are optimised for domestic use.

Reliable planning and operation
The super-compact mini-Compacta US1.40 is a ready-to-connect, single-pump lifting unit with gas-proof and water-proof plastic collecting tank. Its steep characteristic curve keeps the clogging risk to a minimum. A 10-year spare parts warranty is available as an option.

Ideal alternative to a failure-prone sewage lifting unit for limited use (macerator)
Using a fully-fledged lifting unit with a steep characteristic curve presents a very low clogging risk. In addition, this alternative significantly reduces the noise level, also during the cutting process. And it is suitable for connecting further sanitary appliances.

KSB's mini-Compacta U1.60 sewage lifting unit is a package lifting unit to DIN 12050-1 with a footprint of no more than 510 x 510 millimetres. It can be installed in a pit or at floor level. Compact mini-Compacta U1.60 sewage lifting unit Compact mini-Compacta U1.60 sewage lifting unit

Benefits of mini-Compacta type series:

Automatic response to changed operating conditions

mini-Compacta from KSB responds automatically to changed operating conditions by permanently monitoring the fluid level with a tried-and-tested float sensor.

Maximum system reliability
KSB's mini-Compacta sewage lifting unit is equipped with a LevelControl Basic 1 control unit for single-pump installations. Dual-pump installations are controlled by means of the LevelControl Basic 2 control unit.

Ease of installation
All sizes come with a range of vertical and horizontal connection options.

Operating reliability
An integrated swing check valve and mains-independent alert make the unit safe and reliable to operate.

Reduced investment costs
due to minimum space requirements

Reliable function
Steep characteristic curves make for reliable planning and operation.

Minimum flow noise
with anti-vibration mounted motor

Globally uniform standards
Manufactured to DIN, ISO, EFQM

Planning reliability
Ten-year spare parts warranty

Variant S for reduced discharge pipe cross-sections
Versatile use, also in refurbished buildings

Variant C for aggressive fluids
With integrated check valve (available with free-flow impeller only)

For more information on the mini-Compacta type series go to the product overview in our product catalogue.