BOA H – the reliable bellows globe valve

Absolute reliability and energy efficiency are characteristic features of the BOA-H globe valve. The short, easy-to-insulate bonnet minimises heat losses.

BOA-H Absperrventile mit Faltenbalg The BOA H bellows globe valve is completely maintenance-free. It is designed for applications in the industry, building services, power stations and in shipbuilding. It is ideal for continuous operation and has a good throttling function with excellent flow coefficients.

Bellows, throttling plug, V-port plug – reliability made by KSB

  • The bellows of the BOA H globe valve is confined when the valve is fully open and thus protected against pressure surges. Even if pressure peaks occur, maximum reliability is maintained.
  • The proven throttling plug combines effective throttling with excellent flow coefficients.
  • The new, seat-guided V-port plug is well-suited to extremely demanding applications. It benefits from a spring steel design which minimises vibrations.

Energy-efficient and easy to use – benefits of the globe valve

Optimised model made of nodular cast iron for high-temperature applications
Made of optimally combined materials without plastic components, the valve ensures smooth processes even at very high temperatures.

Improved energy efficiency of the system
Short, easy-to-insulate bonnet minimises heat losses.

High reliability and longer service life of bellows
The bellows is fully confined when the valve is open and thus protected against pressure surges. The bellows is welded to the stem, so no vibrations are transmitted from the valve plug.

Excellent user comfort
The valve is fitted as a standard with a position indicator and locking device for all nominal diameters. Colour coding for identification prevents mix-ups when replacing parts. Valve model and seat/plug seal type can be verified from outside the insulation.

One valve – two functions
One valve model provides shut-off and throttling thanks to the standard throttling valve plug up to DN 100.

Low maintenance costs
The valve plug can be replaced without the need to replace the complete bonnet.

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