SALINO® Pressure Center – Desalination with 4-in-1 technology

SALINO® Pressure Center

The most efficient high-pressure pump unit for RO systems

KSB’s SALINO® Pressure Center revolutionises seawater desalination by reverse osmosis. This is a worldwide first: The four main components – the high-pressure pump, energy recovery device, booster pump and electric motor – are replaced with a single compact unit. As a result, it has the best energy efficiency and lowest life cycle costs in its class. It’s also easy to install and operate, and highly reliable to run. This makes our new SALINO® Pressure Center ideal for small and medium-sized systems in industry, ships and hotels.

Economically efficient

  • Low investment and maintenance costs thanks to 4-in-1 technology: the SALINO® Pressure Center combines the functions of high-pressure pump, pressure exchanger, booster pump and electric motor.
  • Low operating costs thanks to maximum energy efficiency: SALINO® offers potential energy savings of up to 75% compared with systems without energy recovery.
  • Low space requirement thanks to the reduced number of components.
  • Plug & desalt: the system‘s compact design allows straightforward handling.

Environment-friendly and clean

  • Equipped with a hydraulic system for water applications, the axial piston pump is lubricated by the fluid handled, i.e. seawater, and functions entirely without oil.

Reliable and safe

  • Time-tested technology for high-pressure applications.
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