The high-efficiency 8-inch well pump of stainless steel

Submersible borehole pump type series UPA S 200 has been designed for water supply, irrigation and groundwater management as well as pressure boosting applications.

Thanks to their optimised hydraulic design, pumps of this type achieve very high levels of efficiency. The wear-resistant design with metal casing wear rings and silicon carbide bearings keeps energy consumption to a minimum for many years, even in the case of high sand contents in the fluid handled.

When the pump is combined with high-efficiency motors of the UMA-S type series and variable speed control, energy costs can be further reduced considerably. For operation without a frequency inverter, the impeller diameter is trimmed with millimetric precision. This is how characteristic curves are individually adjusted to the demand and excessive power consumption is prevented for fixed-speed operating modes.

UPA S 200 is certified for drinking water to ACS (French drinking water certification) and meets the requirements of the German Environment Agency. 


  • Optimised hydraulic design for highest efficiencies and lowest energy demand
  • Further increases in electric efficiency by up to 12 % can be achieved with a high-efficiency UMA-S 150E/200D motor (up to 150 kW)
  • Adjusting impeller diameters to match individual Requirements

High level of operating reliability and long service life

  • Components made of high-grade stainless steel 1.4408, optionally 1.4517
  • Lift check valve with anti-blockage valve disc closes quickly and reduces waterhammer
  • Wear-resistant variant for heavily sand-laden fluids

Extended motor life

  • Water-lubricated, maintenance-free plain bearing with self-aligning tilting pads for continuous operation
  • Counter thrust bearing for reliably absorbing negative axial thrust
  • Mechanical seal in carbon/ceramic or SiC/SiC material combination provides protection against wear
  • Reliable pressure equalisation system for maximum immersion depths
  • Motors designed for maximum pump input power to prevent overloading

Patented intake chamber

Optimised flow conditions at different heads

Approved for drinking water

Certified to ACS and compliant with UBA

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UPA S 200

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The borehole pump from 16 to 20 inches with double-entry design with particularly high performance extensive the range