Get down to the job for years: Submersible borehole pumps from KSB

Why is supplying water with KSB’s submersible borehole pumps so reliable and efficient? Because they’re totally dependable, year after year.

Reliable water supply with KSB Reliable water supply with KSB We design each pump and drive to match the specific application, fluid and power requirements - which puts you on track for energy-efficient operation and low life cycle costs. Thanks to the many combination options KSB customers are able to configure the right pump for every requirement, application and project size. Submersible borehole pumps achieve heads of up to 1,550 metres, equalling pressures of more than 150 bar. The pump sets can be supplied for either 50 or 60 Hz and suitable voltages. The material variants are precisely matched to the fluid handled and the temperature. The maintenance-free submersible borehole pumps come in a favourable design. Being particularly slim, they are well-suited to installation in:

  • Wells
  • Discharge tubes
  • Water tanks

They can also be installed directly in rivers and lakes.

All submersible borehole pump models at a glance:

  • UPAchrom 100 (4“)
  • UPA 150C (6”)
  • UPA 200, UPA 200B, UPA 250C (8”, 10”)
  • UPA 300, UPA 350 (12”, 14”)
  • UPZ, BSX-BSK (16”-28”)

Submersible borehole pump series Submersible borehole pump series
The submersible borehole pump series and their various versions are suitable for the following applications:

  • Water supply: drinking and service water
  • Agriculture: irrigation and spray irrigation
  • Civil engineering: drawdown of groundwater levels
  • Fire protection: fire-fighting and sprinkler systems
  • Offshore: seawater lift, ballast and fire-fighting pumps, wind parks
  • Caverns: transport of petroleum products and liquefied gas, drainage
  • Mining: drawdown of groundwater levels in open and closed mines; maintenance of groundwater levels in underground mines and drainage of open-pit mines
  • Fountains

KSB Service is available worldwide, wherever submersible borehole pumps are in use.

Our services cover: 

  • Profitability analysis and system optimisation
  • Commissioning
  • Optimising, adjusting, monitoring and repairing pumps and motors
  • Pump and motor analysis
  • Transient flow analysis
  • Comprehensive range of accessories for standard and engineered products