From a single source: your partner for pumps, valves and service

We provide comprehensive customer care from a single source over the entire life cycle of the product. Our extensive range of pumps and valves covers virtually every application and benefits from unique engineering expertise to fulfil every specific requirement and tailored service and spare parts solutions. In other words, technology that makes its mark. Customers from all over the world rely on pumps, valves and services from KSB.


Phase 1 PHASE 1 of the product life cycle: products and systems

We manufacture pumps for every need and a wide variety of applications; valves for precision processes and demanding applications

Your benefits:

  • Full-range supplier of pumps and valves
  • System solutions and customized  products for every application
  • KSB automation solutions for valves
  • Comprehensive portfolio and continual technical development
  • FluidFuture® energy efficiency concept

Phase 2 PHASE 2 of the product life cycle: commissioning

Reliable commissioning and system start-ups as required. Reliability and safety right from the outset: KSB specialists ensure your system is installed professionally. Thanks to KSB’s know-how, professional installation and commissioning, your system is up and running reliably from the first day.

Your benefits:

  • Reliability and safety, particularly during the start-up period, are ensured by experienced KSB system specialists with manufacturer know-how
  • Optimised costs through proactive planning and professional implementation
  • One dedicated contact person within KSB, also for products from other manufacturers

Phase 3 PHASE 3 of the product cycle: operation

Minimising downtime, increasing system availability

During the operation phase KSB’s service specialists check, monitor and service all major system components including products from other manufacturers.

Downtime can be avoided by matching service and spare parts to individual system requirements. The right service and spare parts available at short notice ensure that your system can be quickly returned to service, running reliably and in an energy-efficient manner. KSB offers a reliable all-round service for your system: from regular inspections, complex maintenance inspections to inventory management. KSB service specialists also offer system analyses which identify savings potential in your system.

Interested in finding out more about our service range? Contact your regional KSB experts, it’s fast and simple

Phase 4 PHASE 4 of the product cycle: repair

Fast and efficient repair service

KSB offers a whole of host different services and comprehensive spare parts solutions for pumps, valves, motors and further rotating equipment from all manufacturers.

KSB's mobile service specialists ensure your pump is swiftly repaired in case of an emergency and get your system up and running again quickly. When our customers need us, we are there – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Your benefits:

  • One dedicated contact person within KSB for pumps, valves and other rotating equipment
  • Quick help thanks to regional presence and mobile service specialists
  • Flexibility when additional staff is needed
  • Certification of process engineering and nuclear facilities provides safety and reliability

Phase 5 PHASE 5 of the product cycle: refurbishment and decommissioning

We also take care of the refurbishment and decommissioning of systems. Whether only parts of a system are to be removed and replaced with more modern components or entire systems are to be fully shut down and decommissioned, we provide our customers with tailored offers: from project planning and dismantling work to planning new and replacement systems and appropriately disposing, processing or recycling waste materials. If the customer plans to use individual components again at a later date, we can ensure suitable temporary storage.

Your benefits:

  • One experienced contact person from planning your system through to decommissioning
  • Customised and comprehensive refurbishment solutions
  • Certified quality
  • Proof of disposal

From industrial processes and water transport through to energy conversion: KSB is trusted worldwide and in all sectors. Our KSB experts will be happy to advise you.

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We are your partner for the entire product life cycle

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