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  1. The 101 of Total Cost of Ownership in water industry pumping systems

    TCO, total cost of ownership, pumps, systems

    Building new and upgrading existing water treatment plants is a costly business. Because the operating efficiency and performance are to a large degree reliant on pumping systems, it is essential that pumps are given due consideration.

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  2. Submersible Pumps: wastewater workhorses

    Submersible pumps are commonly used in wastewater management facilities to move water/sludge mixtures through the treatment process. In a typical installation, a submersible pump will be submerged in a tank or reservoir, held in place by an arrangement of wires or rails that position the pump’s outlet nozzle over the end of the pipe system that carries the water to its next destination.

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  3. Hard Iron versus Cast Iron Impellers for Non-Clog Sewage Pumps

    When specifying the impeller material for a non-clog sewage pump, how do you know whether to select cast iron or hard iron material?

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  4. KSB’s Powerhouse: small turnkey hydropower system

    The first turnkey Powerhouse is waiting for shipment at KSB’s Frankenthal factory.

    “In future, the Powerhouse will primarily be used to provide electricity in regions which have previously never been connected to the power grid.”

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  5. Three lives in one: fully in the service of KSB!

    Kevin Brandt reassembling a gear pump

    This switching between different lifestyles and types of work is precisely what Brandt enjoys about his current line of work.

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  6. Resistant to seawater and high pressures

    KSB Spider-Gleitringdichtung

    Having been successfully employed in KSB pumps for subsea vehicles, spider mechanical seals are now being used in the cooling systems of generators on wind power platforms.

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