Philharmonie de Paris breaks new ground in wastewater removal efficiency

The Philharmonie de Paris has set a new standard in the design and provision of world standard cultural facilities. The installation of  KSB’s SRL online lift station and Surpresschrom water system booster pumps have made a significant contribution towards energy efficiency and environmental responsibilities.

PhilharmoniedeParis1 The impressive, but controversial, Philharmonie de Paris. Paris is a city that is full of iconic landmarks and architectural masterpieces. The latest architectural wonder is the Paris Philharmonie concert hall which opened in early 2015.

Situated in the Pantin Gardens, the concert hall rises to a height of 37m, and is capped by an aluminium wrap-around screen some 52m high. Spanning an area of 100m by 330m, the concert hall features eleven overlapping levels of different heights, nine floors and two basements.

Design challenges

The design has posed many environmental challenges. The concert hall’s design followed an environmental approach in accordance with the French standard Haute Qualité Environnementale (HQE). Therefore, producing an innovative, environmentally responsible and energy efficient building where water management, distribution and maintenance were given top priority. 

Working with Jules CUNIN SA Group (Epinal), KSB France has helped to deliver a fluids handling infrastructure that has included wastewater, water management and drinking quality water distribution.  This has also included the recovery and recycling of rainwater from the 22,000m²m of roof space for green areas, cleaning and maintenance.

To meet the challenges of handling and removing effluent and wastewater from the concert hall complex KSB has installed an SRL online lift station solution. Delivering drinking quality water to all parts of the concert hall has involved the installation of the new energy efficiency (IE4) Supreme motor-driven pumping station, the first in France for this type of application.

In addition to accommodating flow variations placed on the plumbing and wastewater removal, there was also the very important matter of aesthetics, odour control, ease of daily maintenance and system security to be taken into account.  

Wastewater: the performance of the online solution

Given the building’s irregular shape, several hundred water points and some 30 kilometers of pipes, together with variable usage throughout the day, a robust solution both for the supply of water and the evacuation of wastewater was a high priority.  Compact, odour-free, easy to maintain, robust and reliable, the KSB SRL systems were the ideal match for the tight dimensions of the available spaces. Being a modular solution, it can be passed through narrow hatches of the pit trap to be assembled in situ. The three SRL online stations, each comprising two pumps with frequency inverters for speed control, handle solids laden fluids as well as rainwater have been installed. The Amarex SRL pump impellers and pump housings ensure a free flow of solids-laden liquid. The dry pit and closed pumping design prevents odours and gases escaping because the effluent being moved inside the pipe does not stagnate. It also removes the need for maintenance personnel to work with dirty water. Apart from the attendance peaks when all wastewater facilities are heavily loaded, the varying throughput of visitors throughout the day makes for irregular usage, and therefore peaks and troughs in the concentration of solid matter. With the SRL online solution the risk of blockages is reduced to almost zero.  

Pressure boosting first

The installation of the Supreme motor-driven booster pumps for drinking quality water has been a “first” for France, delivering high levels of energy efficiency. For the Philharmonie de Paris, where water consumption can vary dramatically, having pumps that reflect demand and therefore use far less energy was of immense importance in its quest  for HQE qualification.

PhilharmoniedeParis2 Surpresschrom Classic booster pumps with Supreme IE4 motors

Delivering sanitary standard water to all 500 outlets at a constant pressure was going to be a challenge. Following the successful development of the Supreme IE4 motor a fresh proposal could be provided  as this was exactly in line with the objective of HQE qualification.

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