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  1. KSB pumps save DC Water a high sum per year.

    The Amacan P is a safe, reliable and energy-efficient solution for a wide range of pumping jobs

    The Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant (AWTP) in Washington DC is the largest advanced wastewater treatment plant in the world. To meet or exceed the new EPA requirement to reduce effluent nitrogen production, a high-capacity pump station was constructed, for which KSB supplied Amacan P and Amarex KRT pumps.

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  2. Maximum efficiency in the refrigeration process – thanks to KSB

    Refrigeration at Miele

    The company Miele is committed to sustainability and resource-conserving energy efficiency – not only when it comes to its appliances, but also with regard to their production. For the construction of a new refrigeration system, Miele therefore chose efficient pump technology from KSB – and achieved energy savings of 40 % compared to the old system.

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  3. KSB RDLO pump boosts water supply for Mardi Dam in New South Wales

    WaterPlan 2050; Mardi Dam; Off-river storage; High lift station; RDLO pumps; water transfer station; valves; pipework

    In order to secure the water supply and protect the health of rivers, creeks and the environment Gosford City and Wyong Shire Councils have implemented a long term strategy known as WaterPlan 2050. This strategy is being realised through increasing the capacity of existing dams and extending the pipeline infrastructure to provide more effective water transportation.

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  4. The Mambu Branco System

    The Mambu Branco System: Buildings in green nature.

    Strong KSB support for the expansion of the integrated water supply network on the south coast of the state of São Paulo.

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  5. Giant pumps from KSB protect Mexico City against flooding

    La Caldera pumping station with combined sewer system

    Flooding and stormwater: Due to its location in a basin in a high-altitude valley, the millions of inhabitants in the metropolis of Mexico City are repeatedly threatened by large volumes of water. The La Caldera pumping station equipped with 20 KSB submersible motor pumps is helping the 20 million inhabitants of the metropolis to fight flooding.

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  6. Improvements to thew water supply and effluent treatment facilities bring beneftist to residents and tiourists in the Algarve.

    Effluent treatment; water distribution; wastewater treatment; gravity pipeline; irrigation; saline intrusion; speed control

    As one of Europe’s sunniest regions, optimising water usage in the Algarve is given a high priority, as is effluent treatment. With many Blue Flag beaches (the European Standard for beach quality) along the 500km coast and many natural wildlife habitats, pollution is always a major concern.

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