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  1. Vital artery in the multifunctional building complex of the future

    Façade of “Das Quartier Q 6 Q 7” in Mannheim viewed from the street

    Equipping architectural flagship projects is an honour and a challenge for all companies involved. Even if – like KSB – you have achieved important milestones in countless infrastructure projects in the past, this doesn’t usually come to the attention of the public. In the case of the “Das Quartier Q 6 Q 7” multifunctional building complex in Mannheim, however, there was no doubt that everyone would be watching to see whether all of the systems would be working reliably in the city’s new multifunctional complex.

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  2. Welcome cooling for high-volume printing

    The company premises of the web-fed offset printing plant WKS Kraft Schlötes from outside

    In order to achieve sustainable improvements in its environmental performance, the web-fed offset printing company WKS Kraft Schlötes implements ISO 50001-compliant energy management. This involves continuously checking all processes for energy efficiency. These checks revealed that the water cooling system of the commercial printing press for brochure printing is an energy-intensive process. KSB won the contract to provide new pumps capable of achieving competitive energy and cost savings.

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  3. Predictive maintenance at the Kalle-Albert Industrial Park

    The Kalle-Albert Industrial Park premises at night

    75 different companies are located at the Kalle-Albert Industrial Park employing a total of around 6000 staff. A reliable supply of compressed air used for the mechanical control of large production systems is a technical requirement for numerous production plants. Failure of the compressed air supply would have serious consequences – and this is a good reason to ensure that impending changes in status data and potential faults are detected before they actually occur.

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  4. Keeping cool in the face of sweet temptation

    Ludwig Weinrich chocolate factory premises from outside

    For many people, chocolate is more than just one of life’s sweetest temptations. The complex machinery required for the industrial production of this luxury food item also presents engineers with major challenges. In an ever-tightening market, traditional companies in particular, such as the Ludwig Weinrich chocolate factory, need to rise to current economic and ecological challenges. To do this, they need reliable partners.

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  5. In Oued Athmania, Algeria, water now flows where it is needed.

    A water supply project for Algeria

    The pumping stations near Oued Athmania, Algeria, transport water from the Athmania reservoir to the Koudiat-Medouar and Ourkiss reservoirs which store smaller quantities of water. As the precious water serves to secure drinking water supply and irrigation of agricultural land, it is a blessing for the local population.

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  6. More transparency – with KSB Guard

    Gateway for mobile reception, pipes, pumps in the background

    Even high-quality pumps can sometimes experience malfunctions whose exact cause can only be determined by a long-term diagnosis. External factors are often to blame, and these can only be identified if the affected pump is monitored over a longer period of time using suitable sensor technology.

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