Major order for German power station

In February of this year, KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal, booked an order worth several million euros for the supply of all pumping equipment needed for a new power station unit. It is being built in Walsum near Duisburg, Germany.

One of the leading Japanese engineering companies in the field of power station engineering has been contracted to extend the existing power station of a German power supply company by an ultra-modern, coal-fired unit with an output of 750 megawatts.

The order is for two feed pump units, each consisting of a booster and a main pump. The pump sets will be driven by 15.5-MW motors designed to transfer their drive power to the pumps by means of hydraulic variable speed geared couplings. The scope of supply also includes two large cooling water pumps type SEZA, two condensate pumps type WKTA and several auxiliary pumps.

The inlet conditions of cooling water pumps are of vital importance for maintaining the cooling parameters of the system as a whole. Carefully designed inlet chambers are essential for an even and vortex-free flow of water to the impeller eye of the cooling water pumps.

To make sure of this, Frankenthal-based hydraulics experts checked the inlet conditions and, hence, the future reliability of the station using a scale model measuring 4 by 3.5 metres. They simulated extreme inlet conditions, such as the lowest possible water level, and their effects on the approach flow to the pump units.

Based on the results of the model tests, they were able to optimize the design of the planned intake structure to make sure of a satisfactory approach flow to the pumps even under difficult conditions and thus warrant low life cycle costs of the pumps.

The pumps will be delivered in several lots between July and October of next year.

kraftwerk-walsum-bild Example of a cooling water pump type SEZA as it will be supplied to the Walsum coal-fired power station being built near Duisburg, Germany. © KSB Aktiengesellschaft

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