Curriculum vitae

Claudia Augustin, Pegnitz
Office Management Assistant

Claudia Augustin was born in Betzenstein in 1964. After having completed the secondary modern school with a “Mittlere Reife” school leaving certificate (certificate of completion of secondary education), she underwent vocational training in dental assistance at Dr Bauer’s dental surgery in Pegnitz where she continued working until 30 June 1986 after having been awarded the dental assistant’s certificate on 13 February 1985.For health reasons (allergy), she underwent training to become an office management assistant at KSB AG between 1 September 1987 and 20 July 1989 which she completed with the award of the “Kaufmannsgehilfenbrief” (commercial assistant certificate). From 21 July 1987, she was first employed as a commercial employee in the Environmental Engineering Division at KSB AG in Pegnitz. On 1 July 1992, she became a Sales Coordinator for Building Services Applications Europe. She obtained the instructor’s licence after having passed the examination at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bayreuth. In 2005, she was involved to a significant extent in the introduction of the ERP software SAP R/3 in the sales organisation in Pegnitz.

Claudia Augustin has been a member of the Works Council since 2009; she has been a full-time member of the Works Council released from other duties since October 2012.

Claudia Augustin has been a member of the supervisory board of KSB & Co. KGaA somce 16 May 2018.

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Other material activities in addition to Supervisory Board position: -
Lay judge at the Labour Court in Bayreuth
Lay judge at the Social Court in Bayreuth