Improve energy efficiency with KSB pump systems

Energy is expensive – so operators of industrial plants are under pressure to cut down on energy usage. Modern pump systems and KSB’s integrated energy efficiency approach can help them achieve this goal.

Etaline PumpDrive Etaline PumpDrive Industrial plants account for about 40 percent of energy consumption in the EU. According to the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (ZVEI) more than two thirds of this are used by industrial pumps, compressors and fans. Pump systems account for the lion’s share of 30 percent of the demand.

KSB has recognised this development early on and takes an integrated energy efficiency approach to make the most of a system’s economic potential.

Whatever the application, KSB’s pump experts see to

  • Customised installation and pump selection
  • Impellers matched to operating conditions
  • Optimum speed control
  • High-efficiency motors

Choosing the right pump

Selecting the right pump is key to optimum energy efficiency. KSB provides extensive information to customers and offers an online software for selecting the most efficient pump for the application requirements.

Changing the speed for optimum output

KSB experts have developed solutions to control the speed of a pump set so that it supplies exactly the output that is needed. In addition, a variable speed system can reduce power consumption by up to 60 percent. In many cases, it can also be retrofitted.

Matching performance to demand

KSB engineers can change the impeller diameter in existing systems to fine-tune performance data. They determine the ideal diameter and trim the impeller to suit the pump operating conditions. This may yield energy savings of up to ten percent. In addition, maintenance costs are reduced and the pump’s service life is increased.

Using EFF1 motors (IE2 motors) for better efficiency

Optimum energy efficiency also hinges on the type of motor used. The use of EFF1 motors increases motor efficiency by 3.5 percent on average. While the European Union requires utilisation of EFF1 motors (new designation: IE2) from June 2011 onwards only, KSB is already using this type of motor as a standard today.

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