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Swing check valves for flue gas desulphurisation

The maintenance-free SISTO-RSK swing check valves of the KSB Group company SISTO Armaturen S.A. in Luxembourg are successfully employed in the flue gas cleaning systems of a globally active chemicals group.

Swing check valves of the type SISTO-RSK

The valves offer a high functional reliability as a tight shut-off is ensured by a rubber-lined valve disc without rotating parts and without extensions through the body wall.

In comprehensive comparative tests the elastomer material of the Luxembourg-based manufacturer proved to be equal in quality to the special elastomer used by the chemicals group. As such it was approved to be used in the highly corrosive circuits of flue gas cleaning systems.

Since all wetted parts are rubber-lined they are highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion. 
The swing check valves are fluid-controlled. This means their functionality cannot be manipulated from the outside. In low flow rates – that may occur when operating variable speed pumps – the valve disc remains stable in its position and does not tend to chatter.

With their streamlined design in a straight-way pattern with full bore the flow resistance of SISTO-RSK valves is up to 45 percent below that of different check valve types. Often the key factor in favour of these swing check valves is the short fluid stabilisation distance required. A distance the length of one nominal size upstream and downstream of the valve is sufficient for its reliable operation.

The valve can be mounted in either a horizontal or a vertical position. The bodies made of nodular cast iron are available in nominal sizes 25 to 300 and designed for a nominal pressure of 16 bar.