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Switchgear and controlgear

Switchgear and controlgear as defined by IEC 60947 for electronics applications encompass all electrical components and devices that are used to activate, deactivate, and protect electrical consumers and include switches, contactors, residual current devices, and motor protection switches.

Pump control units are pump-specific electrical switchgears and controlgears that contain all electric and electronic components required to safeguard proper operation of the connected pumps. Models that start and stop one or more pumps as a function of the fluid level are typical and are primarily used for single and dual-pump applications. See Figs. 1 and 2 Control unit

Application-specific switching and control functions

  • Equal distribution of operating hours
  • Automatic pump changeover after a specified number of operating hours has been reached or after every start
  • Pump starting and stopping in response to service demand
  • Pump changeover in the case of a pump fault
  • Functional check run via battery-backed real-time clock (as a function of fluid level)
  • Sequenced starting/stopping if both pumps have to be started or stopped, to prevent pressure surges and minimise starting currents
  • Freely selectable automatic re-start after a fault
  • Adjustable after-run time
  • Variable stop delays to prevent deposits in the tank

Additional monitoring functions to safeguard reliable operation of the pumps

  • High water alert
  • Operational availability
  • Mains-independent alarm
  • Programmable general fault/"in operation" message
  • Phase monitoring
  • Voltage monitoring and display
  • Overload detection per pump
  • Thermal monitoring of pump motors
  • Sensor fault / Live zero
  • Fault/warning per pump
  • Low-load detection (e. g. for dry running or lack of water)
  • Archiving of data of the last 30 faults
  • Monitoring of adjustable service intervals
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