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Sophie dancing

“Eta makes me move”

Sophie, 23, dancer

Everybody's Eta – Episode 4

When Sophie does up her dancing shoes, a piece of Eta lies at her feet.

Whether as a profession or a hobby, regularly or just now and then on the weekend, in a dance school, a night club or at home: Getting down on the dance floor revitalises the body and mind. “Dancing is like dreaming with your feet.”

This is where Eta comes in: Where you are happy to be able to dance on a nice wooden floor, chances are that Etanorm SYT contributed to its production.

Parquet production with Etanorm SYT

Producing wood flooring is a hot topic. After the wood chips are dried out and glued, they are pressed into boards. This requires temperatures of up to 285 °C. To be able to use these extremely high temperatures continuously and evenly during production, heat transfer fluids are heated up and transported to the production facility. Where parquets are made, Etanorm SYT reliably supplies the presses used for MDF and particle board production with hot thermal oil.

The right product for every requirement: KSB’s product range for the heat transfer cycle

KSB products for the heat transfer cycle

Intelligent solution for maximum operating reliability: the patented Venjet® venting contour

Operating reliability is of top priority in thermal oil applications. Safely venting the pump is part of it. KSB has developed a special patented solution that quickly and completely vents all gases contained in the fluid. The gases are collected in a separate chamber and are released in a controlled manner via a screw plug. On top of this, the mechanical seal chamber is completely filled with fluid, which prevents overheating and damage to the shaft seal.

Other than the Venjet® venting contour, what are the reasons to choose an Etanorm SYT?

Etanorm SYT – the reliable thermal oil and hot water pump

Etanorm SYT stands for maximum operating reliability.

  • Robust and torsion-resistant design 
  • Casing sealed reliably – even in varying operating conditions – by confined casing gasket
  • Top reliability with double mechanical seal in tandem arrangement
  • High resistance by anti-seize product-lubricated carbon plain bearing or SIC/SIC bearing

The latest generation comes with further benefits.

  • An intelligent leakage sensor detects increased leakages at an early stage, thus reducing unscheduled downtimes and possible consequential damage. 
  • The double Cardan coupling with a hub split into two halves in a “cracking” process extends the service life through torsional vibration damping power transmission.
  • The tailored KSB mechanical seal, type 4EYS, ensures reliable operation in thermal oil systems. 
  • A special fan impeller cools the bearing bracket sufficiently – even at temperatures exceeding 45 °C

Etanorm SYT tackles the hot topic of wood processing

Kronospan Schweiz AG is one of the leading manufacturers of wood-based materials and sets industry standards for environmentally friendly production. The company produces wooden flooring and operates factories throughout Europe. At its production facility in Menznau, products from KSB have been used successfully for decades: In the 35 heating and control circuits used in the production system, over 40 KSB thermal oil pumps are in operation, including Etanorm SYT. It reliably feeds thermal oil to the presses in the MDF and particle board production hall.

Swiss Kronospan site, Menznau

Brainless pumps will soon be pointless

Opt for an intelligent monitoring and control solution that will further optimise your Eta’s operation.

Überwachungstool KSB Guard

KSB Guard

Keep an eye on your pumps anytime, anywhere? You can with KSB Guard: The monitoring tool is the smartest way to increase your system availability, plan maintenance better and reduce your operating costs.

Drehzahlregelung KSB PumpDrive

KSB PumpDrive

Gain maximum energy savings with demand-driven operation. The PumpDrive variable speed system runs your pump at best efficiency point, using continuous measurements, calculations and enhanced pump functions. For any demand. At any time.

KSB SuPremE-Motor

KSB SuPremE®

Cut your energy costs by up to 70 percent with the most efficient magnetless pump motor in the world. The KSB SuPremE® motor is so energy-efficient that it meets IE5 efficiency requirements. Being built without magnetic materials further contributes to its sustainability.