Process heat for large bakeries – reliable and efficient thanks to KSB’s Etanorm SYT heat transfer fluid pump

Hot news for the transport of heat transfer fluids

Many industrial processes require heat, for example in large bakery ovens, systems for drying wood or chemical plants. Often, modern heat transfer fluids are employed. However, due to their special properties these fluids are not particularly easy to use. As a full-range supplier in this field we present you with innovative solutions for this application, for example the Etanorm SYT heat transfer fluid pump, our new mechanical seals and the KSB Leakage Sensor.

Safely to the perfect solution: KSB products for heat transfer fluid systems

In many parts of the world the use of synthetic high-performance heat transfer fluids is on the rise. For operators this is an economic benefit, for KSB a major task, dealing with the negative properties of these modern fluids and ensuring maximum operating reliability. As a leading supplier for pumps, valves and automation solutions with a history of 150 years we know exactly what is important – and offer optimum solutions. 

Pumps are the driving force of thermal oil systems – and they have to function for the overall system to operate reliably. The costs incurred by a downtime of the system often exceed the total value of a pump. In addition to downtime, damage may result in the leakage of fluid that is usually toxic and combustible and represents a considerable risk of fire and environmental pollution.

By developing its Etanorm SYT volute casing pump KSB took on the task of producing the best possible solution: The pump is known for its high degree of operating reliability and minimum downtime. Further characteristics are low wear, low vibrations, and a very smooth operation.

All of the above – together with many other benefits – provides maximum reliability and safety as well as many years of economical operation of the system. Technical progress and comprehensive know-how have led to valuable energy savings and safety aspects the environment benefits from too:

Welcome to the world of green solutions!

4EYS single mechanical seal for the KSB pump type series Etanorm SYT, Etabloc SYT and Etaline SYT

4EYS single mechanical seal for the KSB pump type series Etanorm SYT, Etabloc SYT and Etaline SYT

A critical point of heat transfer fluid pumps in particular is the mechanical seal. The 4EYS mechanical seal especially developed for the SYT pump type series operated in thermal oil systems offers many benefits for this application:

  • The multi-spring arrangement provides an even spring load over a long spring travel. Tilting or jamming is almost impossible.
  • The open-style design in the area around the springs allows leakage products to be easily removed.
  • For more flexibility and less sensitivity to surge pressure a large O-ring is fitted in the rotating assembly of the mechanical seal.
  • The mechanical seal complies with the EN 12756 standard, which means it can also be used for older pump generations without any additional measures.
 Double mechanical seal of the type 4EYT

Double mechanical seal of the type 4EYT – recommended for synthetic heat transfer fluids with a vapour pressure exceeding 1 bar at operating temperature.

In addition to a single mechanical seal, KSB offers a double mechanical seal, type 4EYT, for use with Etanorm SYT and operating mode to API Plan 52 (unpressurised tandem arrangement). To provide enhanced safety, this seal type should generally be used for synthetic heat transfer fluids which have a vapour pressure above 1 bar at operating temperature. 

A space filled with unpressurised compatible buffer fluid (e.g. mineral oil) between the inboard mechanical seal and outboard mechanical seal prevents any leakage of the fluid handled from escaping to atmosphere. A supply system makes sure that this space is always filled with buffer fluid so the seal faces are lubricated reliably.

KSB Leakage Sensor

Protecting people, machinery and the environment: the KSB Leakage Sensor

Even specially developed mechanicals seal will eventually come to the end of their service life. It is normal for a small, hardly visible amount of thermal oil to escape at the seal. This small amount of leakage is necessary for the mechanical seal to work properly. It lubricates the seal faces. However, an increase in leakage indicates an advanced level of wear at the seal faces. If a single mechanical seal fails, larger fluid quantities may escape, posing a hazard to persons and the environment. 

The KSB Leakage Sensor monitors the leakage quantity. When the adjustable warning or alarm threshold is exceeded, the leakage sensor transmits a signal to the analysing and display unit, which will then emit acoustic and light signals. Via an integrated analog interface the data can be incorporated into an existing process control system and managed centrally.

Etanorm SYT

Etanorm SYT

Horizontal volute casing pump in back pull-out design, single-stage, with ratings and dimensions to EN 733, radially split volute casing with integrally cast pump feet, replaceable casing wear rings, closed radial impeller with multiply curved vanes, single mechanical seal to EN 12756, double mechanical seal to EN 12756, drive-end bearings: rolling element bearings, pump-end bearings: plain bearings, with magnetless KSB SuPremE motor (exception: motor sizes 0.55 kW / 0.75 kW with 1500 rpm are designed with permanent magnets) of efficiency class IE4/IE5 and PumpDrive variable speed system; ATEX-compliant version available.

KSB Leakage Sensor

KSB Leakage Sensor

The KSB Leakage Sensor is an intelligent monitoring system for measuring and displaying mechanical seal leakage on site. It comprises a leakage measuring instrument and a display unit.



Bellows-type globe valve to DIN/EN with flanged ends (ZYLB) or butt weld ends (ZYSB), Y-valve, with replaceable throttling plug (up to DN 100) or on/off disc (DN 125 and above), single-piece non-rotating stem, position indicator, travel stop, locking device; seat/disc interface made of wear and corrosion resistant chrome steel or chrome nickel steel.

pic-mechanical seals

KSB mechanical seals

The majority of system repairs arise due to sealing problems. KSB’s in-house shaft seals ensure that your heat transfer system operates efficiently and reliably.

  • Robust design

  • Easy to install

Spare parts kit Etanorm SYT

Spare parts kits for heat transfer fluid pumps

KSB offers you complete spare parts kits for many pump type series. These kits comprise sealing elements, bearings and impellers, for example, saving you up to 30 % compared to individual spare parts.

  • Comprising the main wear parts
  • Two kits tailored to meet standard spare parts requirements