Large storage vats inside a speciality chemicals production plant

Speciality Chemicals Production

KSB pumps handle demanding speciality chemicals safely – for more efficient and profitable batch processes.

Many industries depend on high-quality speciality chemicals, made to order. Our flexible solutions support smooth, short cycles, so you can focus on safety and profitability.

Become even more flexible with reliable pump solutions

Batch processing of performance chemicals requires a tremendous degree of flexibility. Whether your custom manufacturing plant specialises in elastomers, industrial gases, or agrochemicals, your operating cycles are always short and intense, and must run without a hitch. What’s more, you need to keep quality high while protecting employees and the environment. That’s a lot to manage, right? Don’t worry: We’ve developed our products and services for more peace of mind.

High adaptability for high quality – batch after batch

For custom manufacturing plants producing high-value speciality chemicals, flexible and dependable fluid handling ensures profitability. Plants need reliable pumping equipment that will support a wide variety of workflows. For these reasons, KSB’s world-class products are the perfect fit for performance chemical processes.

Have a look, find your match: Our extensive portfolio for speciality chemical manufacturing includes corrosion-resistant, standardised process pumps, seal-less pumps, high-pressure pumps, and much more.

  • A clear leader, our MegaCPK is the top standardised chemical pump in its class. Optimised hydraulic components set new standards in energy efficiency, while low NPSH ensures smooth and quiet operation.
  • The Magnochem magnetic drive pump series, available in many different variants, also meets your most stringent requirements.
  • The CPKN is ideal for pumping aggressive organic and inorganic fluids in chemical process engineering.
  • And the Estigia vertical immersion pump is available in an ATEX-compliant version.

Reliably handling everything from hot acids to solids-laden lyes, KSB pumps are your trustworthy partners for batch chemical production.

How KSB supports speciality chemical production

We understand the extreme time pressures you face. KSB’s advanced fluid-handling technologies ensure that aggressive, corrosive and explosive fluids are safely contained and transported. Our expertly engineered chemical pumps offer trouble-free, efficient operation along with low life cycle costs. 

But we deliver more than robust, reliable products – we also support you in developing custom processes. Take advantage of our application know-how!

Beyond that, we offer specialist services: from installation and commissioning, to inspection and maintenance. And if any repairs are needed, we come to you.

Why do effect chemical producers keep returning to KSB? For two good reasons: They benefit from our deep knowledge and our broad range of products for batch manufacturing in the chemical industry.

Our portfolio

KSB offers a wide range to support your production of speciality chemicals:

  • Standardised chemical pumps and process pumps
  • Seal-less pumps
  • Pumps for solids-laden fluids
  • High-pressure pumps
  • Mechanical seals and seal flush plans
  • Drives and variable speed systems
  • Shut-off valves
  • Control valves
  • Safety valves

Applications include

  • Chloride-containing fluids, reducing acids and acidic process water
  • Solids-laden acids and lyes
  • Aggressive fluids in chemical process engineering
  • Highly oxidising fluids such as nitric, chromic or sulphuric acids
  • Hot, concentrated acids and highly-concentrated alkaline solutions/lyes

Your benefits

  • Flexible and application-specific solutions thanks to a broad product portfolio
  • Reliable pumping and containment of the most demanding fluids – in compliance with the highest safety standards
  • Solutions for extreme conditions by employing wear- and corrosion-resistant construction materials
  • Reduced total cost of ownership through innovative technology
  • Energy-efficient operation with optimised hydraulics and smart drive solutions
  • Comprehensive service – from installation and commissioning to inspection, maintenance and on-site repair

Find suitable pumps for speciality chemical production now

We offer chemicals pumps for every challenge. Browse our solutions for speciality chemical production.



Horizontal radially split volute casing pump in back pull-out design, with radial impeller, single-entry, single-stage, to DIN EN ISO 5199, dimensions to DIN EN ISO 2858, complemented by nominal diameters DN25 and ≥DN200, in large range of material and seal variants; also available as a variant with "wet" shaft and conical seal chamber. ATEX-compliant version available.



Horizontal seal-less volute casing pump in back pull-out design, with magnetic drive, to DIN EN ISO 2858 / ISO 5199, with radial impeller, single-entry, single-stage. ATEX-compliant version available.



Vertical immersion pump for wet installation, with various impeller types designed to meet specific fluid requirements. Supplied with discharge pipe extending above the cover plate, DN according to nominal flow rate. Sealing by lip seal, single or double cartridge mechanical seal. ATEX-compliant version available.

Find suitable valves for speciality chemical production now



Centred-disc butterfly valve with ISO 5211 compliant square shaft end and PFA liner. With lever, manual gearbox, pneumatic or electric actuator. With wafer-type body (T1), full-lug body (T4) or U-section body with raised faces (T6). EN, ASME, JIS connections possible.

ISORIA 10/16

ISORIA 10/16

Centred-disc butterfly valve with ISO 5211 compliant square shaft end, sealed by elastomer liner, with lever or manual gearbox, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuator. Wafer-type body (T1), semi-lug body (T2), full-lug body (T4) or U-section body with flat faces (T5). Body types T2 and T4 are suitable for downstream dismantling and dead-end service with counterflange. Connections to EN, ASME, JIS.



Weir-type diaphragm valve to DIN/EN with flanged ends, threaded socket ends or socket weld ends, in straight-way pattern; shut-off and sealing to atmosphere by supported and confined diaphragm; body with coating or lining, position indicator with integrated stem protection. All moving parts are separated from the fluid by the diaphragm. Maintenance-free.

Illustration of the phases of a product life cycle: Consultation and analysis, commissioning, operation and repair

Service at KSB SupremeServ means being fully looked after

KSB SupremeServ offers you a comprehensive range of services and spare parts for pumps, valves and other equipment – including for products from other manufacturers – from face-to-face consultation to installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair. More than 3500 specialists in over 190 service centres worldwide are available around the clock, seven days a week. Concentrate on your core business – and let us take care of the rest.

Energy efficiency consulting (Fluid Future) for pumps and valves

Energy Efficiency Consulting

Optimise your system’s energy efficiency in four steps using FluidFuture®. KSB’s systematic approach ensures maximum energy savings.

  • Systematic analysis
  • Clear recommendations for action
Maintenance inspection management

Maintenance inspection management

Inspecting and repairing pump sets while keeping downtimes short: KSB Service offers comprehensive maintenance inspection management for industrial facilities and power stations.

  • Pump inspection
  • Valve inspection
3D printing for pumps and valves

3D Printing

3D printing opens up new possibilities in spare parts procurement. An ideal solution if you need a spare part quickly.

  • Additive manufacturing of spare parts
  • Swift delivery