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KSBuilding World: Pumps and valves for building services applications

Welcome to the KSBuilding World: Pumps and valves for building services applications

Your quick start to our building services programme

KSB: Your partner for the following building services applications:

As a full-range supplier in the building services sector, we are able to supply the right solution for every application. Whether heat and cooling supply, water supply, drainage or fire-fighting: The art of building services is to find the components that are best suited for the issue at hand and to assemble everything to a functioning overall solution. From a single-family house to a large project, from living quarters to high-tech data centres: No matter what the type and size of buildings, at KSB you will find perfectly matching pumps, valves, automation and digitalisation solutions as well as supplementing services – all in top quality for maximum efficiency. We will be pleased to assist you with planning and commissioning your project, in person or digitally with our various software tools.

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Get in touch with us.

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