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Original spare parts by KSB

In the right place at the right time

Do you need spare parts for your pump or valve? From fast and straightforward searching and ordering in our online shop to tailored reverse engineering of parts for which a replacement is hard to find or no longer available – KSB will provide you with the required spare parts.

Why you should opt for original spare parts

Increase the availability and service life of your pump, valve and system by regular maintenance and repair with KSB's original spare parts.

The high quality and accurate fit of our original KSB spare parts ensure that the components perfectly match the pumps and valves installed in your systems and fulfil the required function. In this way, your original KSB pump or valve will stay an original KSB pump or valve.

Matching spare parts in a few clicks

In our online shop you will find the right spare part. Ordering as a registered and authorised user is quick and easy. Your benefits of our decentralised spare parts warehouses around the globe are the high availability and fast delivery times of our spare parts.

You can find spare parts in our online shop by either entering the serial number, the pump type or the ident. number of the product.

Name plates

Our name plates show the KSB serial number or, for standard pumps, the pump ident. number.

Beyond standard expectations

KSB supplies you with KSB spare parts for KSB products. That's a matter of course. In addition, we also offer reverse engineering and state-of-the-art additive manufacturing to produce and supply spare part solutions for pumps or valves of other makes as well as spare parts for other rotating equipment.

Our other solutions relating to spare parts

Spare parts kits for pumps and valves

Spare Parts Kits

KSB offers complete spare parts kits for many pump ranges. The kits contain sealing elements, bearings and impellers, for example, and are considerably less expensive than purchasing each part separately.

  • All main wear parts in one set
  • Easy to order and available at short notice
KSB mechanical seals for pumps and valves

KSB Mechanical Seals

The mechanical seal is one of the most important components in any pump. KSB’s in-house shaft seals ensure that your system operates efficiently.

  • Longer service life
  • Reduced costs for maintenance and spare parts
Reverse Engineering for pumps and valves

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering makes it possible to quickly manufacture spare parts for pumps, valves and other rotating equipment that are hard to find or no longer available.

  • Optimisation thanks to engineering services
  • Quick reproduction of spare parts
Spare parts inventory management

Spare parts inventory management

With its inventory management service, KSB provides recommendations for maintaining optimum spare parts stocks and preventing excess stocks or shortages of spare parts.

  • Reduced inventory costs
  • Improved availability


KSB service staff can carry out installation and supervision as well as handling the commissioning of pumps, valves and entire systems. So you will be on time and ready for operation: wherever you are in the world. Reliability and safety right from the start.

Repairs of pumps and valves


KSB offers tailor-made service and state-of-the-art spare parts solutions for the repair of pumps, valves, motors and other rotating equipment of all makes. KSB service specialists are there to support you – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – worldwide.