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KSB GoToAmarex web application

The web application that facilitates pump replacement

Leverage digital support when replacing your waste water pump ─ KSB GoToAmarex provides you with all the information you need to do exactly this.

Replace waste water pumps with ease

Are you planning to replace a waste water pump? KSB GoToAmarex web application can now provide assistance ─ be it a pump from KSB or another manufacturer.

How does the web application work?

Start by determining the pump you want to replace. This couldn’t be any easier as you either already know the exact designation of the pump or can find it in the drop-down lists. 
You can also select the guide system, at which point the KSB web app will inform you of the right model, claw and characteristic curve of the matching Amarex replacement pump.

Benefit from the KSB GoToAmarex web app:

  • Find the right replacement pump in a matter of seconds
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Conveniently contact KSB for a quotation