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Martin and Thomas having a beer after work

“Eta helps us relax after a busy day at work”

Martin, 26, and Thomas, 28, start-up founders

Everybody's Eta – Episode 5

When Martin and Thomas are ready to wind down, Eta silently raises its glass to all their efforts

A long day is coming to an end. All obligations have been met. Finally, time to relax! A well-deserved lager, fresh from the tap, would be nice. Or an alcohol-free wheat beer? You choose – the main thing is being among friends. Because winding down together is more enjoyable.

This is where Eta comes in: When you are enjoying a refreshing beer, chances are that Etachrom was involved in the brewing process. Cheers, Eta!

Beer production with Etachrom

One of the tasks is to supply many stages of the brewing process with the required water. Also, as yeast works best at 30 °C, the wort needs to be cooled down relatively quickly to that temperature in the wort cooler. Etachrom reliably does its duty in this cooling circuit. Cooling the blending system is another of Etachrom’s jobs. In other words: Etachrom can be found everywhere in the brewing process where aggressive or clean fluids, such as drinking water, service water, hot and cooling water or condensate, oil and cleaning agents have to be transported.

KSB’s full range for the brewing process

KSB offers the optimal pump for every handling task in beer production – from the central brewing process right through to the diverse auxiliary and cleaning processes. You can find KSB products in water treatment, in the brewhouse, in the fermentation or filtration cellar, in the filling system or in CIP/SIP routines. For sterile processes, pumps of the Vita family are the first choice. Designed with very little dead volume, they meet the toughest of requirements on sterile processes. The hygienic design also ensures a longer shelf life and optimises cleaning processes.

The right product for every requirement: KSB’s product range for beer production

KSB products for beer production

Why Etachrom specifically?

It provides reliable operation.

  • Wetted components made of stainless steel (1.4571)
  • Optimised hydraulic system for high efficiency
  • Impeller trimmed to match the specified duty point

It is very service-friendly.

  • Maintenance-free mechanical seal to EN 12756
  • Easy to dismantle due to back pull-out design
  • Replaceable casing wear rings 
Etachrom – die Korrosionsbeständige für reine oder aggressive Flüssigkeiten

Brewing beer requires experts

This is why breweries the world round opt for all-round solutions by KSB.


BrewDog brews craft beer with KSB

  • The brewhouse uses KSB’s Etachrom, Etabloc, KWP and Movitec pumps.
  • In the recently extended cellar, Vitachrom, Vitacast, Vitaprime and Vitalobe pumps meet the strict hygienic requirements for handling the end product.


Sapporo beer quenches the thirst with KSB

  • Vita pumps ensure that hygienic requirements are met. They help to increase the shelf life of the end product and optimise cleaning processes.
  • Etachrom NC (L), made of deep-drawn chrome nickel steel, handles contaminated and aggressive fluids without abrasive substances.
  • The space-saving Etabloc pump complements the range of products used.


FAMIX chooses KSB for Locher

  • With its EHEDG-compliant design Vitacast handles mixed beverages very gently and prevents microbiological contamination.
  • Space-saving Etachrom BC (B) pumps in close-coupled design are used in the brewery’s bottle rinsing unit.

Natural partners are best purchased together

Increase your system’s efficiency with products that are perfectly matched to each other.

KSB’s product range for all sorts of treats

KSB products provide reliable service in brewing processes. The portfolio of the full-liner for the food and beverage industry comprises not only pumps and valves for the periphery but also a broad range of products for hygienic applications. Find out more about KSB’s expertise and discover all products for the food and beverage industry.

Brewing beer

Brainless pumps will soon be pointless

Opt for an intelligent monitoring and control solution that will further optimise your Eta’s operation.

Überwachungstool KSB Guard

KSB Guard

Keep an eye on your pumps anytime, anywhere? You can with KSB Guard: The monitoring tool is the smartest way to increase your system availability, plan maintenance better and reduce your operating costs.

Drehzahlregelung KSB PumpDrive

KSB PumpDrive

Gain maximum energy savings with demand-driven operation. The PumpDrive variable speed system runs your pump at best efficiency point, using continuous measurements, calculations and enhanced pump functions. For any demand. At any time.

KSB SuPremE-Motor

KSB SuPremE®

Cut your energy costs by up to 70 percent with the most efficient magnetless pump motor in the world. The KSB SuPremE® motor is so energy-efficient that it meets IE5 efficiency requirements. Being built without magnetic materials further contributes to its sustainability.

Further KSB products working away for that welcome refreshment

Wellenreiter auf großer Welle

For the perfect wave

15 propeller pumps with submersible motors from KSB find use in the novel surfing facility of a Milan water park. The operators of Idroscalo were able to open the new attraction right on time for the beginning of the main season. But KSB’s engineers had to put in a lot of work in advance to ensure that everything ran so smoothly and the numerous visitors could enjoy their exciting surfing experience.