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Joe having breakfast

“Eta sweetens up my day, starting with breakfast”

Joe, 47, civil engineer

Everybody's Eta – Episode 1

When Joe sits down to have his breakfast, Eta has already done its work

Morning coffee: Many would consider it the most important meal of the day. Add a little milk and sugar – delicious! That surely wakes you up, even though it was hard to get out of bed. How about a breakfast bun with that, covered in sweet and fruity jam? 

This is where Eta comes in: Wherever sugar is produced, chances are that Etanorm was involved.

Sugar production with Etanorm

This KSB pump is tightly integrated into the production process at one of the world’s largest sugar producers. Etanorm pumps are used both in sugar beet processing and in sugar production using sugar cane or starch. It can be found in numerous important auxiliary circuits of the various process phases, from juice extraction and purification to thickening and crystallisation.

KSB products for use in sugar production

Why Etanorm specifically?

It is available in many variants. 

  • Large range of materials
  • Many seal variants and couplings
  • Large range of sizes 

It is extremely service-friendly.

  • Easy to dismantle using forcing screws at the interface of casing cover and bearing bracket lantern 

Etanorm – die Leistungsstarke mit dem hohen Wirkungsgrad

Brainless pumps will soon be pointless

Opt for an intelligent monitoring and control solution that will further optimise your Eta’s operation.

Überwachungstool KSB Guard

KSB Guard

Keep an eye on your pumps anytime, anywhere? You can with KSB Guard: The monitoring tool is the smartest way to increase your system availability, plan maintenance better and reduce your operating costs.

Drehzahlregelung KSB PumpDrive

KSB PumpDrive

Gain maximum energy savings with demand-driven operation. The PumpDrive variable speed system runs your pump at best efficiency point, using continuous measurements, calculations and enhanced pump functions. For any demand. At any time.

KSB SuPremE-Motor

KSB SuPremE®

Cut your energy costs by up to 70 percent with the most efficient magnetless pump motor in the world. The KSB SuPremE® motor is so energy-efficient that it meets IE5 efficiency requirements. Being built without magnetic materials further contributes to its sustainability.

Natural partners are best purchased together

Increase your system’s efficiency with products that are perfectly matched to each other.

KSB’s product range for sweet treats

KSB offers the right pumps and valves for every aspect of sugar production – from beet washing to extraction and crystallisation. And its 3500 service specialists worldwide make sure your pump systems can be depended on during the sugar beet harvest. Learn more about KSB’s expertise and discover all products used for producing the sweet “white gold”.


Further KSB products on a sweet mission

The Nestlé Cailler chocolate factory

KSB pumps ensure sweet enjoyment

Our customer Nestlé Cailler stands for high-quality chocolate enjoyment. The company achieves this with an unmistakable recipe and optimised production processes – which is where the Swiss place their trust in KSB and our Vitalobe pumps. Vitalobe pumps masterfully handle the high requirements placed on the hygienic production of chocolate. Their strength also lies in being able to flexibly adapt to highly complex production processes.

Ludwig Weinrich chocolate factory premises from outside

Keeping cool in the face of sweet temptation

For many people, chocolate is more than just one of life’s sweetest temptations. The complex machinery required for the industrial production of this luxury food item also presents engineers with major challenges. In an ever-tightening market, traditional companies in particular, such as the Ludwig Weinrich chocolate factory, need to rise to current economic and ecological challenges. To do this, they need reliable partners.