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Susanne out shopping

“When I go shopping, Eta is high on my list”

Susanne, 32, early childhood teacher 

Everybody's Eta – Episode 3

While Susanne is making her way through the supermarket, Eta helps her keep a cool head

You just finished work, and the shopping still needs to be done. That’s annoying. Still, an empty fridge is no good. It’s a bother the supermarket aisles are crowded with people. And why can’t the shop open another check out? Feeling hot and bothered is not that uncommon in this situation.

This is where Eta comes in: Where you are filling your trolley, product by product, chances are that Etaline is doing a cool job in the background.

Etaline: the flexible pump for a wide range of applications

Efficient air conditioning with Etaline

It is a growing trend for customers to value and purchase sustainably produced food and environmentally friendly packaging. At the same time, they want to feel comfortable in the shop and expect a consistently pleasant climate. How this climate is created is something most people don’t think about much. 

Efficient solutions are required. KSB offers a perfectly tuned portfolio for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning applications, comprising high-efficiency pumps, reliable valves and innovative automation and drive solutions. Etaline, the flexible in-line pump, plays a key role. Combined with the high-efficiency KSB SuPremE® motor and the PumpDrive variable speed system, it keeps the energy consumption of air-conditioning systems to a minimum. This is KSB’s decisive contribution to making heating and cooling systems more efficient and profitable. 

Why Etaline specifically?

It doesn’t waste any energy.

  • Optimum hydraulic system with high efficiencies and impeller trimmed to match the specified duty point
  • Maximum energy efficiency in combination with variable speed system and KSB SuPremE® motor 

It is highly versatile.

  • Flexible installation thanks to in-line design
  • Space-saving with motor-mounted variable speed system up to 45 k

E(s)ta-blished: The building complex “Das Quartier Q 6 Q 7” couldn’t do without Eta

Work, eat, shop, sleep, live – the multifunctional building complex “Das Quartier Q 6 Q 7” in Mannheim’s city centre has it all. Making sure that the climate is right are 31 Calio circulators, 14 variable speed Etaline pumps and 13 Etanorm pumps. What is special about this project: KSB was not only commissioned to supply the heating and cooling system but as a full-range supplier for all building services needs. The pumps for the air-conditioning circuit in the building complex is therefore joined by numerous drainage pumps, pressure booster systems and building services valves. In addition, a service team ensures maximum availability around the clock. An impressive all-in service package – don’t you think?

Façade of “Das Quartier Q 6 Q 7” in Mannheim viewed from the street

Brainless pumps will soon be pointless

Opt for an intelligent monitoring and control solution that will further optimise your Eta’s operation.

Überwachungstool KSB Guard

KSB Guard

Keep an eye on your pumps anytime, anywhere? You can with KSB Guard: The monitoring tool is the smartest way to increase your system availability, plan maintenance better and reduce your operating costs.

Drehzahlregelung KSB PumpDrive

KSB PumpDrive

Gain maximum energy savings with demand-driven operation. The PumpDrive variable speed system runs your pump at best efficiency point, using continuous measurements, calculations and enhanced pump functions. For any demand. At any time.

KSB SuPremE-Motor

KSB SuPremE®

Cut your energy costs by up to 70 percent with the most efficient magnetless pump motor in the world. The KSB SuPremE® motor is so energy-efficient that it meets IE5 efficiency requirements. Being built without magnetic materials further contributes to its sustainability.

Natural partners are best purchased together

Increase your system’s efficiency with products that are perfectly matched to each other.

KSB’s product range for an optimum interior climate

KSB is the only supplier on the market to offer a complete range of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems for all types of buildings. The pumps and valves as well as automation and drive solutions meet the highest of requirements regarding functionality and efficiency. Learn more about KSB’s expertise and discover all solutions for planning and implementing HVAC systems.


Further KSB products on a cool mission:

External view of the heating station building of the Liggeringen solar energy village

Flagship project for climate protection

The town of Radolfzell recognised the importance of climate protection early on and implemented a number of measures to increase the proportion of renewable energy in its energy mix. As around 50 % of Germany’s total energy consumption is attributed to the heating sector, Radolfzell instigated multiple projects in the area of sustainable heat use. Its flagship project is the Liggeringen solar energy village in which KSB played an important role.

The company premises of Continental AG in Hanover from the outside

KSB Guard for the cooling water system of ContiTech AG

In times of increasingly professionalised cyber attacks, the importance of secure network components is growing exponentially. This is one reason why internet-enabled products are thoroughly scrutinised by customers before they are used. KSB’s cloud-based KSB Guard was examined by the rubber and plastics specialist ContiTech, and passed the validation with flying colours. This achievement almost overshadowed the fact that the main contract involved the refurbishment and modernisation of an entire cooling water system.

The company premises of the web-fed offset printing plant WKS Kraft Schlötes from outside.

Welcome cooling for high-volume printing

In order to achieve sustainable improvements in its environmental performance, the web-fed offset printing company WKS Kraft Schlötes implements ISO 50001-compliant energy management. This involves continuously checking all processes for energy efficiency. These checks revealed that the water cooling system of the commercial printing press for brochure printing is an energy-intensive process. KSB won the contract to provide new pumps capable of achieving competitive energy and cost savings.