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Svenja working from home

“At my place, Eta makes sure I am well connected”

Svenja, 37, graphic designer

Everybody's Eta – Episode 2

When Svenja sits at her desk, Eta works tirelessly in the background 

For desk workers working from home has long become part of life. First thing in the morning: turn on the computer, log into the required systems – ready to go! Technology simply has to work, no matter whether in an office or at home.

This is where Eta comes in: Where servers are working, chances are that Etanorm is tirelessly cooling them in the data centre.

Etanorm ensures reliable cooling circuits in data centres

Availability and operating reliability are of utmost priority in data centres. It is of major importance to cool the servers dependably and prevent any failures. In the cooling circuit, you can often find an Etanorm (or alternatively an Etabloc) pump working away: They transport cooling fluid to the heat exchangers around the clock. The cold air generated at the heat exchangers is then blown into the cold aisles between the server racks. The intelligent PumpDrive variable speed system makes sure that the load conditions of the pumps are adjusted to the current server utilisation. Cool, isn’t it?

By the way: Eta can also provide direct cooling of the CPU. Just ask us! 

Data centre

In the data centre Etanorm and Etabloc provide reliable cooling.

Efficient products from KSB complement hardware at SAP

In SAP’s data centre in St. Leon-Rot, KSB products provide for an optimum interior climate. As early as in the planning phase, SAP opted for the full-range supplier KSB. In total, KSB delivered 413 valves and 24 pump sets – including matching service solutions and a comprehensive concept to increase the system efficiency. Optimum control of pump operation and utilisation of the Eta pumps is ensured by the high-efficiency magnetless KSB SuPremE® motor, combined with the PumpDrive variable speed system and the PumpMeter intelligent pressure transmitter. 

Eta pumps in the SAP data centre

Reliably on duty, efficiently cooling the SAP data centre: Eta pumps including KSB SuPremE® motors and PumpDrive variable speed system

Why Etanorm specifically?

It ensures reliable processes.

  • Low-noise operation
  • Long service life

It doesn’t waste any energy.

  • Optimum energy efficiency by optimum hydraulic system with high efficiencies
  • Operation at best efficiency point by individual impeller trimming 

Etanorm: performance by design meets excellent efficiency

You can leverage these tools for planning

Two colleagues at a PC

Pump and valve hardware meets software: KSB offers you helpful tools for efficiently planning your system. Use our CAD and BIM data or make use of our selection programs. Various calculation sheets and aids, know-how brochures as well as calculators and slide rule selectors complement the offer for plant designers.

Brainless pumps will soon be pointless

Opt for an intelligent monitoring and control solution that will further optimise your Eta’s operation.

Überwachungstool KSB Guard

KSB Guard

Keep an eye on your pumps anytime, anywhere? You can with KSB Guard: The monitoring tool is the smartest way to increase your system availability, plan maintenance better and reduce your operating costs.

Drehzahlregelung KSB PumpDrive

KSB PumpDrive

Gain maximum energy savings with demand-driven operation. The PumpDrive variable speed system runs your pump at best efficiency point, using continuous measurements, calculations and enhanced pump functions. For any demand. At any time.

KSB SuPremE-Motor

KSB SuPremE®

Cut your energy costs by up to 70 percent with the most efficient magnetless pump motor in the world. The KSB SuPremE® motor is so energy-efficient that it meets IE5 efficiency requirements. Being built without magnetic materials further contributes to its sustainability.

Natural partners are best purchased together

Increase your system’s efficiency with products that are perfectly matched to each other.

KSB’s product range for an optimum interior climate

KSB is the only supplier on the market to offer a complete range of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems for all types of buildings. The pumps and valves as well as automation and drive solutions meet the highest of requirements regarding functionality and efficiency. Learn more about KSB’s expertise and discover all solutions for planning and implementing HVAC systems.