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Kai taking the train

“I always get there safely with Eta”

Kai, 30, carpenter

Everybody's Eta – Episode 8

When Kai is on a business trip, Eta always accompanies him

For meetings, site visits or a service job, travelling for business can be exhausting. Often, the agenda is large and time is at a premium. It’s great that you can reliably reach many places in a relaxed way, using the train.

This is where Eta comes in: Whenever you board a train, chances are that Etaseco RVP keeps the power electronics going…

Power electronics cooled by Etaseco RVP

In high-speed trains, high-performance locomotives and suburban trains worldwide, the Etaseco RVP type series plays a leading role: When the single-phase alternating current from overhead power lines is converted into three-phase alternating current for the motors driving the train, a lot of heat has to be dissipated. This is where the canned motor pump comes in: In the cooling circuit it continuously recirculates the coolant, a glycol/water mixture, thus protecting the high-performance motors from overheating.
Cooling the inverters is not all: Etaseco RVP can also be used for cooling batteries and fuel cells, and for pre-heating and cooling the motors.

Etaseco RVP plays a key role in cooling the power electronics in high-speed and regional trains.

Etaseco RVP plays a key role in cooling the power electronics in high-speed and regional trains.

By the way: The canned motor pumps of the Etaseco type series in their non-ATEX compliant version, available for a larger power range, are also suitable as coolant pumps in other industrial applications and in wind power systems.

It is absolutely user-friendly.

  • Reliably long service life
  • Service-friendly 

It is very versatile in use

  • Horizontal or vertical installation on the roof of the train, under the train or in the machine room
  • Various flanges and electrical connections available
  • In-house production (incl. motor) enables realisation of your individual requirements.

It meets the current standards and requirements for railways. 

  • DIN CLC TS 50537-3 (incl. shock and vibration testing) as well as EN 45545-2
  • Space-saving, low-weight design
  • Quiet and low-vibration operation
KSB SupremeServ – service worldwide

Talking about trains and the railway network: Our service network will be there for you wherever needed

When service is required, fast and professional help is key. This is why having a wide and dense service network in place is so important. KSB SupremeServ is there for you worldwide with more than 190 service centres in almost 70 countries. More than 3500 service specialists support you with innovative service and spare parts solutions tailored to your requirements – from classic to digital.