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Centres de service KSB

KSB service centres

KSB offers tailor-made service solutions and state-of-the-art spare parts solutions for the repair of pumps, valves, motors and other rotating equipment of all makes. KSB SupremeServ specialists are there to support you — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

KSB service centres are available across the country to help you along your products’ life cycle: all types of maintenance, provision of spare parts, service contracts or inspections, and consulting for optimising and increasing the reliability of your pump systems.

Helping you to quickly get your systems running

First of all, with Support, we ensure optimum installation and commissioning of systems, provide repair or adjustments when there are problems and supply you with spare parts and associated services, as well as managing your spare parts inventory.

Helping you to keep your systems running every day

Next, with Services, we look at your needs to determine the preventive or predictive maintenance services best suited to your operations and the conditions on site (maintenance plan, service contracts, monitoring contracts).

Helping you to keep your systems running at their best

Finally, with Performance, we can inspect your systems and determine the best solutions for increasing their reliability and optimising them in terms of hydraulic system and energy. Our specialists will assist you with the instrumentation of your systems and with data analysis, propose the best-suited solution and, of course, install and commission your system.

Find KSB’s closest service centre that best matches your needs.

Our portfolio

  • Commissioning of equipment or complete systems
  • All repair services for pumps, motors, other rotating equipment and valves
  • All preventive maintenance services for pumps and valves
  • Modular service contracts, contracts for monitoring with KSB Guard
  • Inspection and consulting
  • Increasing hydraulic, mechanical and functional reliability
  • Training with the KSB SupremeServ Academy
  • Online shop for purchasing spare parts

Your benefits

  • Near you and available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Services provided based on a contract or on an as-needed basis
  • Manufacturer’s full-circle skills and expertise 
  • Rapid assistance
  • Comprehensive technology upgrades and customised automation
  • Optimised availability of your systems
  • Control over your energy consumption