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KSB SupremeServ makes your rotating equipment more reliable

You rely on your equipment to keep your pump systems running.

You rely on your equipment to keep your pump systems running. Yet this equipment can repeatedly malfunction, break down or deteriorate and despite any measures taken, these “bad actors” simply malfunction far too often.

KSB SupremeServ, the service arm of pump, valve and motor manufacturers KSB, has developed an analysis protocol for the hydraulic pressures acting on the equipment in order to identify and eliminate the root causes of malfunctions.

KSB’s hydraulic approach

  • Process operating expertise
  • Mechanical expertise in installing pumps

Perfectly tailored thanks to the precise diagnostics carried out by the KSB SupremeServ specialists, the technical jobs will be carried out subject to controlled, rapidly paid off costs and your pumping equipment will be increasingly reliable over the long term.

KSB SupremeServ’s hydraulic approach to reliable pump operation: feedback

  • Bad actor: pressure boosting unit
  • Deterioration: thrust bearing
  • Findings of inspection: low-flow operation because of an undersized orifice plate

Corrective measures:

  • Machining of the orifice plate
  • Fitting of a lubricating nipple and selection of suitable lubricant
  • Results:
    0 faults in 2 years
    Minor modifications at minimal cost
    Immediate payback
  • Bad actor: 4 waste water pump sets
  • Deterioration: braids, sleeve below braids
  • Pumps dismantled every two years
  • Considerable consumption of water

Mesures correctrices:

  • Suitable mechanical seal fitted
  • Water inlet controlled
  • Service work on site without dismantling the pump
  • Zero malfunction following modifications
  • 94% reduction in water consumption
  • Payback in less than one year
  • Bad actor: boiler feed pumps
  • Deterioration: vibrations, drop in performance, hole in impeller
  • Findings of inspection: cavitation, pressure too low at the suction-side tank

Corrective measures:

  • Minimum pressure setpoint modified at the feedwater tank
  • Repair taken care of by the customer.
  • No other cost