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KSB in France

Operating in France since 1951, KSB’s French subsidiary was the Group's very first and exports 80 % of its products throughout the world. A model of French-German cooperation, the company combines German quality with the flexibility of French management.

About us

Fluids are everywhere. We all use pumps and valves every day, whether we realise it or not. Thanks to its multidisciplinary approach to the transfer of fluids, KSB is able to offer an appropriate solution to meet the needs of each customer. Single or multiple dwellings, municipal water networks, historical monuments, sports and recreation facilities, industrial applications or even means of transportation: KSB products are present across France.

KSB S.A.S. head office in Gennevilliers
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Reliable, fast and close at hand – everywhere in France

All over the world, KSB develops and provides tailor-made solutions to meet its customers’ needs. In France, KSB S.A.S. operates across an extensive pump, valve and service sales network in all regions. 

In France, KSB has 4 production plants, 17 service centres and 1200 employees. This local coverage is complemented by a network of nearly 100 service partners.


Boris Lombard holds a degree in electrical engineering from INSA Toulouse and an MBA from EMLYON business school. He is fluent in six languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian and Occitan) and his international career history illustrates his curiosity for foreign cultures.

Boris Lombard joined the KSB Group on 1 January 2017 taking charge of the Region Europe West. He has been Managing Director of KSB S.A.S. and Head of Valves since January 2020.

Boris Lombard, Managing Director of KSB S.A.S.

The KSB France management is made up of nine members:

  • Boris Lombard – President KSB S.A.S. and valves division KSB Group
  • Bruno Monjoint – President of KSB Europe West
  • Patricia Gabriel – Human Ressources 
  • Emmanuel Demouge – Sales and SupremeServ
  • Nicolas Douaud – Operations pumps
  • Philippe Bagard –Transformation and digital
  • Antoine Godde – Butterfly valves
  • Gilles Brunschwick – Finance
  • Stéphane Fouris – Transformation And strategy valves division


March 2017

The new Aix-en-Provence location houses the Rhône Méditerranée sales office as well as a service centre.

May 2017

KSB launches a new facility for the production of high-performance triple-offset butterfly valves in La Roche Chalais (Dordogne, Aquitaine) for the global gas, petroleum, energy and chemical markets.


With the acquisition of the company AMRI, KSB becomes the world leader in valves for the cryogenics market and the French leader in butterfly valves.


The acquisition of the company Pompes Guinard allows KSB to sharply increase its presence in France, where its market share is 25 %.


Founded in Paris, the KSB France subsidiary quickly becomes the leading manufacturer of large-diameter submersible pumps.

KSB France is committed to a unqique CSR approach.

Partner of the Les Puits du Désert organisation

Since 2012, KSB has been a partner of the Les Puits du Désert organisation, which raises funds to finance access to water for inhabitants of Niger’s Tidène Valley. Every two years, KSB employees organise a challenge: the “Olympics of the Heart”. Split into teams, they raise as much money as possible through their family and friends and then come together for a fun, sports-filled weekend along with representatives of the organisation, to present them with the money collected and to learn more about the projects it will be used for. Collective engagement, trust and transparency are all meaningful shared values in the company.

Six men in the desert

Acting on climate change

When it comes to protecting the environment, KSB takes its responsibility as a manufacturer seriously. We have been working on the eco-design of our pumps since 2003 and as 98 % of the environmental impact of the pumps is down to our customers, we know that reducing power consumption at the pumps’ place of use is equally important. In this respect, we have exceeded the requirements of the 2013 European regulation on circulators, drastically reducing their power consumption and therefore saving 23 TWh, or the equivalent of 4 nuclear reactors.

Efficient motor

Fighting for a stronger French industry

Finally, KSB is committed to brushing up the industry’s image among young people and inspiring them to choose a technical profession. A sponsor of the Usine Extraordinaire (extraordinary factory) exhibition since its beginnings, KSB enlists the support of manufacturers of all sizes in order to create a French industry that is stronger, more cautious with its resources and more in tune with global developments.

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Premium-quality standards at KSB

Products and service of excellence take top priority at KSB. This is why all of its employees adhere to proven quality criteria that are identical throughout the Group, no matter the country.

The KSB Group also applies the Business Excellence Model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).

KSB letters on blue background

KSB Group

The KSB Group is one of the leading suppliers of quality pumps and valves and related services with an annual sales revenue of almost 2400 million euros, the company has a presence on all continents with its own sales and marketing organisations, manufacturing facilities and service operations. KSB employs more than 15,000 people.

The success of the company is founded on innovative technology that is the fruit of its own global research and development activities. As well as customers and employees, KSB also serves society at large. Examples of our CSR activities include environmental and educational projects. We are committed to the United Nations’ Global Compact. Its principles reinforce social, environmental and economic fairness worldwide.