The large range of KSB valves

KSB valves

To manage your fluids, you can choose not only pumps but also valves from KSB, the manufacturer of pumps and valves.

A valve is either open or closed. But as simple as this may sound, the technology involved is becoming increasingly complex in order to meet requirements in terms of service life, precision and value for money.

Suitable for the wide variety of industrial fluids and processes

The KSB ranges of valves and filters meet high quality standards with regard to the opening/closing function as well as with regard to controlling fluids in a wide range of sectors such as energy, industry, chemistry, life sciences, water, marine and building services.

They are used in a wide variety of applications such as heating systems and networks, water supply systems, pumping stations, clean water and waste water treatment plants, industrial utilities and processes, technical circuits in fleets of ships and circuits associated with the production of energy from conventional or renewable resources. 

Three things about the Roche-Chalais factory

KSB manufactures centred-disc and double-offset or triple-offset butterfly valves

Since 1966, KSB has been making progress in butterfly valve technology, with innovations devised by the teams at its research and development centre and delivered with the help of continuously modernised manufacturing equipment. KSB’s AMRI brand of butterfly valves enjoys a good reputation worldwide. 

KSB’s global centre for the manufacture of valves

KSB’s global centre for the manufacture of butterfly valves at La Roche-Chalais, Dordogne, France

KSB produces elastomers and creates its own formulations

The polymer laboratory at the factory in La Roche-Chalais develops formulations matched to the fluids handled and to valve behaviour in conditions of very high temperatures and pressures. The quality of KSB elastomers is demonstrated by their durability. They can be found in both AMRI butterfly valves and SISTO diaphram valves, another brand of the KSB Group.

KSB employee working in production

Manufacture of rubber liners

KSB provides a guarantee for its all-in solution comprising butterfly valve + actuator + automation equipment

KSB also offers a range of actuation equipment of four different types – manual, pneumatic, electric and hydraulic – as well as an automation range (AMTROBOX, AMTRONIC, SMARTRONIC) for controlling positioning. To ensure optimal service quality, KSB’s butterfly valves sites (La Roche-Chalais in France and Burgos in Spain) take care of all aspects of customer service, from product design through to maintenance at customer premises and including both manufacture and after-sales service.

The KSB valves portfolios for your markets

Water splashes

The KSB valves portfolio for water applications

KSB offers a comprehensive range of valves suitable for water applications, as well as three types of actuators and a complete range of automation products. You will find the right solution for your specific process in KSB’s wide range of valves. You will also be impressed by the long service life of our actuators.

Industrial installation

The KSB valves portfolio for industrial applications

KSB valves are particularly well suited to fluids in industrial utilities and processes. They are also used in the kind of environmental processes that industry as a whole has to observe. All valves as well as actuation and automation products comply with the relevant quality and safety standards of the various sectors.

Two hands over a virtual city

The KSB valves portfolio for building services applications

In the most diverse of building services applications – urban or business districts, hospitals, hotels, cultural and public buildings, data centres and urban transport infrastructure – one is looking to use energy sparingly and manage any impact on the environment. KSB valves meet this challenge thanks to complete, efficient and interconnected solutions.