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KSB Service Partner

KSB Service Partner: Amcal, for your pumps and systems

Faults or maintenance work require fast and efficient service at the pump site. KSB customers can rely on a highly competent partner: KSB service partner Amcal for industrial pumps and more.

KSB's service partner AMCAL provides fast and competent service support for pump installations.

Our service partner for industrial pumps, Amcal, offers a wide range of services to help customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. Amcal offers the following services:

  • The right pump choice: Amcal offers you a wide range of industrial pumps from KSB.
  • Engineering: Customised solutions from A to Z.
  • Service: Amcal not only repairs but also maintains KSB pumps. Pump repairs or preventive maintenance can be carried out either at your premises or at Amcal's workshop.
  • Maintenance contract: this contract covers several areas. First, a general inspection of the pumps and plant to check that they are working properly, lubrication of motor bearings and inspection of compressed air tanks. Second, a complete inspection of the installation (as described above) and complete disassembly of the pump + replacement of essential parts such as the shaft seal, pump bearings, motor bearings, wear parts, oil, etc.

In other words, our service partner takes care of everything from design, delivery, installation, commissioning, repair to inspection.

Amcal is trained by KSB, so they know every pump unit down to the smallest detail and are therefore able to inspect, maintain and repair them properly. KSB's service partner Amcal also offers expert advice on energy efficiency and pump system operation, as well as digital solutions for preventive maintenance.

Amcal also offers an on-call service that handles calls outside office hours: Amcal is at your disposal 24/7.