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Reliable pumps and valves for reliable and efficient water supply

Whether plant designer, tradesperson, operator or wholesaler: With KSB you have got water supply experts at your side, implementing your project together with you. With passion and know-how we will find a suitable solution for you and your individual application – from a single-family house to a shopping mall, from planning through to operation. Our products meet the highest of quality standards, impress with reliability and durability, and provide maximum efficiency.

Pumps for water supply applications

Irrigation pumps

Irrigation pumps

For efficient irrigation systems you can choose between the UPA submersible motor pumps and IXO well pumps. The dry-installed Multi-Eco pumps and the Movitec high-pressure in-line pumps round off our irrigation portfolio. A comparison of key parameters for your application.

High-quality valves by KSB for all water supply applications

Our range of valves covers all building services applications. Whether butterfly valves, globe valves, gate valves or ball valves. At KSB you will definitely find the right model for your project – also with a drinking water certification.

High-quality valves by KSB for all heating, ventilation and air-conditioning applications

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Pressure booster systems for high-rise buildings: Pool on top of a skyscraper

What parameters are to be considered when sizing pressure booster systems?

In larger buildings the pressure supplied by the water utilities is usually insufficient to supply the upper levels with enough water. The solution: pressure booster systems. These pump systems respond to fluctuating demand in water supply and adjust their output accordingly. What aspects in particular influence the sizing of such a system? Find out more here.

Pressure booster systems

What's new about DIN standard 1988-500:2021-05?

Pressure booster systems are often used in high buildings where, otherwise, the water supply pressure – especially on the upper floors – would not be sufficient. The updated DIN 1988-500:2021-05 standard for pressure booster systems with variable speed pumps came out in May 2021. Find out here what's new about it.

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