KSB ServiceTool

The software package for your automation systems

KSB makes pump commissioning and parameterisation easier for our customers and service partners by offering a special automation software package.

KSB ServiceTool – easy to install and use

The KSB ServiceTool is composed of two software components: the PACTware frame application and the KSB device-specific Device Type Manager (DTM) drivers. For easy installation, we offer the KSB ServiceTool as a complete setup.

The following options are available for configuring and saving the device settings:

  • Device parameterisation
    • Saving the parameters on the PC
    • Transmitting parameters to the device
    • Editing parameters
    • Comparing parameter sets
  • Running device functions
  • Displaying process variables
  • Displaying alerts and warnings
  • Updating firmware

Advantages of the new version of the KSB ServiceTool

  • Automatic installation of all required software components
  • Automatic COM port scan without prior user configuration
  • KSB device wizard to easily connect with every KSB device
  • Notification about new updates
Screenshot of the update process in the KSB ServiceTool

Firmware update with a single click: The update process is displayed in a user-friendly way and the version status of the individual files that need to be updated is clearly shown.
©KSB SE & Co. KGaA, Frankenthal 2020

The user-friendly KSB ServiceTool enables you to enter parameters without any prior knowledge.

Simple user interface: The current parameter values are clearly displayed and can be easily set. 
©KSB SE & Co. KGaA, Frankenthal 2020

The KSB ServiceTool makes it easier to analyse the pump control system.

The Process View offers you the option to graphically display, record and save current values such as pressure, speed, power, etc. Copyright KSB 2020

Software and hardware requirements

  • Windows 10 and .NET Framework 4.8 are required for correct installation
  • To connect with the KSB device, a laptop, PC, tablet or other device with the relevant software is required.

Accessories and connection

To generate a connection between the device and the PC, the following connection hardware is required:

KSB Software Accessories and connection

For extended parameterisation rights a dongle is additionally needed.

Dongle service for authorisation:
accessory without software;
e-mail for enabling the dongle:
Ident. number: 47121256

Schematic example of the connection between PC/tablet and the KSB device

Schematic example of the connection between PC/tablet and the KSB device using a cable/wireless gateway. 
©KSB SE & Co. KGaA, Frankenthal 2020

Download PumpDrive R

For parameterisation of the PumpDrive R the Danfoss software “MCT 10 Basic” in the variant for application with the Danfoss FC 202 series can be used.

Release key (KSB-CD-Key): 12320200

The setup of the field bus modules of PumpDrive R is done with the corresponding files used for the Danfoss FC202 series: